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OnSurf multimedia delivery platform targets mobile ad insertion

At last month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Surf Communication Solutions featured its new multimedia platform, OnSurf, for adding rich media mobile advertising into streaming video. OnSurf's real-time video content adaptation enables services like mobile TV, VOD, ad-funded content, personalized services and Web-to-mobile video repurposing. Targeted ads open up new revenue opportunities for operators, while extensive personalization features increase service "stickiness."

OnSurf's real-time content transcoding enables instant, on-the-fly targeted ad insertion into multiple simultaneous content streams. This allows real-time content adaptation for individually targeted advertising — including interactivity for on-the-spot response — to thousands of concurrent users across different types of mobile handsets.

The system supports banner and video ad overlays, interactivity, text on video, pre-roll and post-roll insertion as well as midstream advertising. In addition, by tracking user response to specific campaigns, OnSurf enables real-time collection of ad metrics. A dynamic bit rate adaption process handles fluctuating mobile network conditions while maintaining service continuity.

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