Online gaming provider bwin launches Sheeva interactive TV broadcasting system

Online gaming provider bwin introduced its Sheeva broadcasting system at the 2010 NAB Show. Sheeva fuses live video with social media platforms and instant messaging systems while simultaneously integrating real-time data from bwin’s extensive online gaming lineup. As an example of its implementation, a soccer game broadcast can be enhanced with inserts from bwin’s gaming lineup and a moderator-controlled Skype chat.

The platform is poised to serve younger viewers who simultaneously watch TV and browse the Web. Current figures from Nielsen indicate that 43 percent of all European TV viewers between 15 and 35 years of age simultaneously watch TV and surf the Web on their PC or mobile terminal.

Sheeva is designed as a highly flexible system that can broadcast in real time via satellite, the Web and mobile TV in a single production environment, relying on Apple Quartz image technology, QuickTime and just:live from ToolsOnAir, which puts the real-time data converted into graphics into a format suitable for TV and the Internet.