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On Sight adds Dolby E, Dolby Digital test upgrades for Tektronix WVR7100

On Sight, an HD hire and dubbing company in London, has added comprehensive digital audio monitoring capabilities to its existing Tektronix WVR7100 SD/HD rasterizers.

The ability to measure audio and video content quality and adherence to HD specifications precisely is critical. Adding new audio monitoring features to Tektronix' WVR7100 SD/HD rasterizer enables On Sight operators to monitor and decode Dolby audio effortlessly.

The latest WVR7100 rasterizer enhancements include new Dolby audio monitoring capabilities, such as Dolby E and Dolby Digital, and the FlexVu display, which can be configured to display in four individual tiles in any combination of the waveform, vector, gamut, picture, audio, timing, status and alarms displays.

The new audio capabilities reduce the time and effort needed to assess the quality of multichannel audio content and to diagnose multichannel audio amplitude or phase problems.

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