Omnitek Updates OTM/OTR software with loudness support

V2.3 of the waveform analysis software adds support for Stereo 3-D Capture and Play-out

OmniTek has just released V2.3 of the software for its OTM and OTR waveform analysis and test signal generation systems. The new software introduces the GEN_2 software option that adds a second test signal generator. This gives the capacity to output two images or sequences at the same time, one to SDI OUT 1 and the other to SDI OUT 2.

The Additional Loudness features making the support offered fully compliant with ITU-R BS 1770-2. The new facilities include a Loudness Range display and 'True Peak' versions of PPM displays and are supported by a new AUDIO_LOUD feature which is automatically installed on systems that include the earlier AUDIO option.