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OmniBus to Launch OPUS

OmniBus Systems will introduce OPUS, a new media asset management suite at NAB2005.

Based on the OmniBus G3 architecture, OPUS' modular design takes a holistic approach offering a single operational interface that ensures content is efficiently ingested, managed and tracked in and around production facilities and taken to air simply and smoothly.

Also new at the OmniBus booth is G3 Control, an advanced station management system that provides flexibility in providing device access, operation and management over distributed networks for highly efficient, highly integrated broadcast operations. It offers a customizable user interface to provide router control, machine control and integrates with signal processing equipment with access available to multiple local and remote users.

Colossus V3, a new automation system for transmission will also be introduced at the OmniBus booth. V3 combines the Colossus automation architecture with G3, allowing users to control large numbers of channels, items or devices, all through customizable desktop-based user interfaces.

A new Ingest application for the OmniBus HeadLine Newsroom System rounds out the new offerings from the company. HeadLine Ingest is a suite of G3 components designed to cover the entire range of news station ingest requirements from simple crash recording of line feeds to full, recurring scheduled bookings. HeadLine TX offers a combination of both manual and semi-automatic playout, giving operators the choice of either allowing a story to play to air entirely automatically, along with its associated secondary items or by using the fully manual Betacart-style playout. It is fully MOS compatible.

OmniBus Systems is in Booth SU7165.