OmniBus Systems introduces OPUS 2.0

At NAB2007, OmniBus Systems unveiled OPUS 2.0, which extends the company’s video content management suite with new functionality to assist in the migration of content processing operations to standard IP platforms.

OPUS 2.0 delivers new end-to-end content processing capabilities, including soft-XML metadata support for customized logging and annotation, frame-accurate proxy generation and viewing, full-text indexing and searching, integration with production editing systems, such as Avid and Final Cut Pro, and standardized Web services data exchange and adjacent system.

OmniBus OPUS is a complete product suite for content processing, including content ingest and management, workflow automation and task flow, and multisystem integration, that supports automated broadcast operations.

OPUS suite features include:

  • OPUS Ingest, which offers a selection of scheduled and on-demand ingest tools;
  • OPUS Content Management, which includes the searching, viewing, logging and content annotation tools central to any content management workflow;
  • OPUS Workflow, a set of tools designed to automate multistep content processing workflows;
  • OPUS Interchange, which provides an XML Web services gateway for the exchange of content metadata, playout schedules, record schedules and workflow tasks.

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