OmniBus launches iTX Enterprise Suite

After announcing that Miranda Technologies had bought it, OmniBus Systems showed its new iTX Enterprise Suite — an integrated software platform that addresses the entire production process, from ingest, through media management, workflow management and asset management, to automation and playout. The system includes multiplatform output to SD, HD, 3-D TV, radio, the Internet and mobile TV.

Broadcasters and media operators can unify these production elements in a single, integrated system. Handling all stages of the production and delivery process under a consistent user environment, the iTX Enterprise Suite delivers increases in efficiency, scalability and speed of response for media businesses.

The solution integrates ingest and media management, workflow management, asset management, advanced schedule management, radio streaming functionality, advanced automation and playout.

It enables scheduled and on-demand feed recording from satellite and live sources, unscheduled ad-hoc ingest, support for content file delivery services, clip preparation for all modes of acquisition, and comprehensive automated tools for managing the movement of content through the infrastructure.

It provides job tracking and management information tools to give broadcasters the high-level data needed for effective use of resources and business efficiency. A highly automated job-based process flow with clear, detailed tracking and reporting makes it possible to manage large broadcast and media workflows with cost-effective use of staff resources.

Comprehensive interfaces with third-party scheduling, production and DAM systems automate the initialization and recording of workflow steps completed externally. In addition, the nonproprietary workflow engine can be used to link different processes into a streamlined automated sequence making it easy for users or third-party developers to create custom activities that can be dropped into the iTX Enterprise Suite’s preset workflows.

Watch a video demo of the OmniBus iTX Enterprise Suite.