Omneon Ups Performance, Lowers Price

Omneon Video Networks, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based manufacturer of video servers and networking technology, recently introduced the Spectrum ES media server for low-cost, "edge-server" playout applications. The new product is scalable in terms of connectivity and storage, and it offers of up to 72 hours of storage of video at 12 Mbps. The Spectrum ES can support six simultaneous channels of video playout and consumes just 3 RU of space.

In addition to the Spectrum ES, Omneon recently announced the Multiport MIP 3000 media interface adapter, the Mediaserver MCP 2100 server and the Mediastore MSC 4400 storage system, which can be added to any existing Omneon server system or interface with a new system. These are the core products behind the Spectrum ES, giving the system its memory, interfacing and playout capability. The company says that the Spectrum ES provides three times the performance at nearly half the price of Omneon's previous offerings.