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Omneon Upgrades ProXchange, MediaGrid

At next week’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, Omneon will showcase new versions of its ProXchange transcoder as well as a new, cost-effective version of its MediaGrid storage platform.

Also on the docket in the Omneon booth will be ProCast File Transport Engine, which Omneon acquired when it purchased Castify Networks. ProCast is integrated with all Omneon server and storage products, including MediaGrid, Spectrum, and MediaDeck. ProCast supports high-speed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transfers of large files over a wide area network. A one-hour DV25 file sent from Los Angeles to New York on a 450 Mbps connection, for example, would take 30 hours if sent by FTP but only three minutes with ProCast. The same file sent to New York from the Olympics Beijing would take 69 hours by FTP but only three minutes with ProCast.

Version 1.1 of ProXchange Version now offers support for Windows Media VC-1 and Flashvideo. Created for high-volume, multiformat media environments, the ProXchange transcoding system was specifically designed to run on the Omneon MediaGrid active storage system to deliver scalable and efficient grid-based transcoding. ProXchange performs conversion between all high-resolution video and audio formats supported by the Omneon Spectrum media server as well as conversion to the low-resolution H.264 format and now to Windows Media VC-1 and Flash. Conversion and re-wrapping is supported for QuickTime and MXF, with preservation and accurate placement of all metadata.

Omneon will also debut Version 2.1 of MediaGrid, an affordable, entry level system to enable active workflows with third-party servers, and more robust system monitoring and reporting. The scalable MediaGrid system components use standard Ethernet links to generate aggregate bandwidth that cuts the bottlenecks in traditional shared-storage environments.

Omneon will be at Booth SU9620.