Omneon unveils MediaDeck GX channel playout server

The MediaDeck GX is a complete channel-playout solution that combines playout, graphics and audio processing with support for a broadcaster’s choice of automation system

Omneon has released the MediaDeck GX, a complete channel-playout solution that combines video server playout, graphics and advanced audio processing, operating under the control of an automation system.

Offering rich branding and master control functionality, MediaDeck GX makes it easier for broadcasters to launch new services or to make incremental additions to their existing channel lineup.

MediaDeck GX seamlessly unites three key components of a typical channel chain: the MediaDeck transmission platform, a branding and master control module, and template-based graphics software. MediaDeck GX will operate under the control of a number of automation systems. The Omneon MediaDeck is a broadcast-quality video server designed specifically for broadcasters needing cost-effective, easy-to-deploy playout platform.

The MediaDeck GX system plays out stored stills and animations while enabling mixing and playout of voiceovers, promos and stingers, with optional encoding and decoding of AC-3 and Dolby E audio.