Omneon speeds WAN file transfer with ProCast

At NAB2008, Omneon will highlight ProCast, a file transport engine employing acceleration technology that allows high-speed file transfers over a wide area network (WAN).

With ProCast, users can move large media files over great distances as fast and simply as if it were a local transfer. The core technology behind this system was obtained by Omneon in the December 2007acquisition of Castify.

File transfer speeds achieved with ProCast are orders of magnitude greater than FTP transfers and are not affected by distance. For example, a one-hour DV25 file sent from Los Angeles to New York on a 450Mb/s connection would take 30 hours via FTP, but takes three minutes with ProCast. The same file sent from Beijing to New York would take 69 hours via FTP, but still takes three minutes with ProCast.

ProCast is fully integrated with all Omneon server and storage products. It allows for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transfers of content between systems.


View Omneon's ProCast CDN at NAB2008.