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Omneon Adds HDV Play-out to Spectrum

Omneon Video Networks of Sunnyvale, Calif. has added HDV capability to its Spectrum server system.

The HDV-enabled system allows for the direct transfer of edited HDV content onto the server for play-out, with no prior transcoding. HDV play-out functionality can be combined with all other Omneon 4000 and 4100 series MultiPort module capabilities, including simultaneous HD and SD outputs and SD and HD on the same timeline, according to the company. The 4100 series MultiPort modules allow HDV clips to be played back-to-back with an automatically upconverted SD clip on the same timeline. Both types of MultiPort modules feature automatic horizontal scaling from 1,440 to 1,920, enabling HDV and other HD-format clips to play seamlessly back-to-back on
the same timeline.

Existing HD customers can add HDV at no charge with a software upgrade.