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OConnor Engineering unveils 120Exe fluid head

OConnor Engineering has unviled the 120EXe encoded heavy-duty fluid head, designed to provide high-precision pan-and-tilt position information for cinema-quality visual effects production on commercials and feature.

The 120EXe provides absolute output pan-and-tilt position information via an external 19-pin Fischer connector. Mo-Sys provides a companion encoder box for the 120Exe, which allows high-resolution pan-and-tilt data of 1.8 million counts per revolution to be output from the head, making it suitable for HD formats and film.

When the 120EXe is coupled to the Mo-Sys Motion Logger, it becomes a camera mocap system for use in post-production. When used with the Mo-Sys 3D Inserter, it also allows real-time previsualization of live action and CG compositing on set.

The 120EXe features built-in encoders and does not requires bolt-on assembly of other hardware. Like the 120EX, the 120EXe can support up to a 120lb camera package through the head’s entire tilt range of ±90 degrees, and can counterbalance up to 240lbs through a tilt range of ±60 degrees. (Payload weights are based on an 8in center of gravity.)