OAN Mobile App Can Upload Breaking News Video

SAN DIEGO & LINKÖPING, SWEDEN—Mobile users can now upload breaking news video directly to One America News Network’s news bureaus via the new OAN Stringer app. Created in partnership with Sweden startup Stringer Systems, the OAN Stringer app also features a Web-based management system and server back-end software that allows content to be examined, rated, organized and processed.

With the OAN Stringer app, OAN now has the ability to use authentic and authorized content from its users. “Our viewers will get a personal, safe and direct channel into our editor’s room, submitting images in just a few clicks,” said Robert Herring, Sr., CEO of OAN. “Our editors will be able to enrich our conventional sources of new coverage with reliable viewer content fully in line with our highest journalistic standards."

The OAN Stringer app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.