NY1 Puts Server Trust in Ross Video

Myrtle Suban, NY 1News technical director, operates the Ross SoftMetal server in one of the operation's newly remodeled control rooms.
NEW YORK—NY1News is a 24-hour news channel cablecast available on Time Warner Cable and Cablevision in the five boroughs of New York City, as well as Time Warner Cable systems in New Jersey and upstate New York. We provide local news reports and programming to all of our Time Warner Cable subscribers, and our news reporting is localized to events directly affecting New York City.

I'm in charge of the operation's control rooms, studios and daily production, and plan and execute day-to-day production and staffing for four of our control rooms and studios. I also develop workflows, and research new software and hardware for potential use in our operation.


Some time ago, we decided to remodel two control rooms and to use that opportunity to upgrade our equipment to allow us to better compete within the New York City marketplace. One of our main project goals was in replacing our existing video clip playback system, and Ross Video's SoftMetal video server product seemed like an ideal candidate.

SoftMetal had the potential to provide us with all of the functionality that we required for our productions, including the capability to store freeze frames, record video and audio, and provide playback of content with minimal delays.

The price tag on the SoftMetal system fit perfectly within our budget, but it was the attentiveness of Ross Video personnel to our needs that ultimately made the sale.

One of our biggest hurdles was finding a system that could record video and allow us to create freeze frames from that video as it's being recorded, and then play the freeze frames back into a playlist. Ross listened to our needs, and developed the specialized software needed to accomplish this.

The SoftMetal package also offered the storage capacity to record video and play back thru multiple output channels, allowing us to custom tailor various input and output configurations.


The system installation went smoothly and stayed right on schedule. The interface proved to be very easy to navigate, and the training of our operators required only a few minutes. SoftMetal was up and running in almost no time, and very soon afterwards, we were using the system to store and play back graphical elements in our control room, as well as for recording interviews being conducted in our studios.

On a day-to-day basis, SoftMetal performs extremely well, and the new system has allowed us to improve the look of our productions with its ability to gang the playout channels.

The Ross sales and customer service experience has been superb. Ross personnel took the time to listen and help us through the whole process, from purchase to training. Even now, we receive immediate response with any issues or questions.

Overall, NY1 is highly satisfied with our purchase. Not only has SoftMetal fit our current needs and budget, it's expandable to meet the requirements of any future upgrades that we might decie to do. We'll definitely keep Ross Video on our list for any future production projects that arise.

Michael Chan is senior director of technical operations at NY1News and has been in the broadcast industry for 20 years. He may be contacted at michael.chan@ny1news.com.

For additional information, contact Ross Video at 613-652-4886 or visit www.rossvideo.com.