NVerzion automates Oceanic Time Warner Cable Hawaii

NVerzion has completed system upgrades for Oceanic Time Warner Cable in Oahu, Hawaii.

With four, on-air, automated transmission channels in place at Oceanic's Mililani facility, the cable operator now has access to complete broadcast station automation.

Oceanic operates a technically advanced and innovative system in the industry and invests in state-of-the-art network infrastructure. The NControl automation system from NVerzion is being used at the facility to provide the operator complete station automation.

Using the technology from NVerzion, Oceanic can record, play, schedule and control its own locally-originated channel. The operator is also using NGest and NPoint to clean up video files, evaluate and mark video files and for ad insertion.

NControl from NVerzion provides broadcasters the functionality they need to create, edit and implement a sequence of video-related events in an easy-to-use graphical form.