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nStor Debuts Compact Ultra320 SCSI Storage System

nStor Technologies Inc. has demonstrated sustained Ultra320 SCSI performance in a 2 RU enclosure with the NexStor 4000S Ultra320 SCSI product series. The equipment makes storage systems with Ultra320 SCSI performance available in space-restricted areas.

The NexStor 4000S combines performance and high density, with 12 low-profile 73-GB drives, RAID controllers and Ultra320 performance in a 3.5-inch form factor. It has a maximum capacity of 876 GB, and is scalable to 1.7 TB with the next generation of disk drives. The 4000S design also integrates Ultra160 (160 Mbps) SCSI RAID controllers, with no additional separate controller module required. All the systems employ a modular design, making them suitable for expanding, direct-connect storage environments. The 4000S also has customizable configurations and is available as a rackmount storage system or a deskside tower model.

Additional features include cableless data I/O paths, traditional front-to-back cooling and backwards Ultra2 and Ultra160 SCSI host connectivity. The high-availability architecture maximizes uptime and reliability, and uses hot-swappable, redundant power supplies, drives, RAID controllers and a fan module. The accompanying AdminiStor 6.2 software suite provides configuration, monitoring and management capabilities with an intuitive graphic user interface.