Northern California Public Broadcasting adopts file-based workflow with Omneon

Northern California Public Broadcasting (NCPB), one of the nation’s largest public television broadcasters, has purchased two mirrored Omneon Spectrum media server systems for redundancy to support an end-to-end, file-based workflow at its San Francisco facilities.

The tightly integrated media processing and storage systems from Omneon will replace Pinnacle server systems and a legacy archive system — providing media management and processing while enabling a more efficient workflow in delivering content to air and to other distribution platforms.

The Spectrum servers will facilitate file ingest, storage and playout, while a third system will support ingest for NCPB production. A 144TB Omneon MediaGrid active storage system will provide centralized storage for the installation and provide nearline storage for Apple and Avid editors within NCPB post production as well as archival media storage.

The Omneon Media Application Server (MAS), including the ProXplore, ProBrowse and ProXchange applications, will facilitate clip management across the server and storage systems, allow desktop viewing of any stored content across the Omneon platform, and perform accelerated transcoding of media as needed throughout the workflow. The video infrastructure will support 11 broadcast channels.