Nexidia Supports Avid Interplay With Dialogue Search Update

ATLANTA— Nexidia announced the release of Nexidia Dialogue Search v1.8, the company’s phonetic-based search tool that now includes integration with Avid Interplay Production. Our Daily Bread Ministries was the first to install Nexidia Dialogue Search v1.8 for use with Interplay Production and other media storage systems.

Dialogue Search v1.8 enables users to search all media managed by Interplay Production. Using the Interplay Production Web Services API, Dialogue Search discovers assets and associated metadata within Interplay Production and creates a phonetic index of this media. The user may then use Dialogue Search to search for any combination of words and phrases spoken within the media, independent of any metadata. Dialogue Search then presents the results and plays back the user’s chosen clip(s) right in the Dialogue Search interface using Avid’s ICPS player. From there the user can automatically export the time-coded markers from the Dialogue Search results into Interplay Production and/or direct the asset to open automatically in Interplay Central.

Our Daily Bread Ministries uses its Interplay Production system to manage tens of thousands of video assets and more than 100,000 audio assets. Dialogue Search’s federated search capability lets Our Daily Bread Ministries extend the application’s use beyond Interplay to all of the organization’s A/V assets. The Dialogue Search tool works with Interplay Production to search for any spoken word or phrase across Our Daily Bread Ministries’ Interplay Production library in seconds, and can simultaneously search the other media database as well.

CineSys-Oceana, a Nexidia reseller in the United States, handled the sale of Dialogue Search to Our Daily Bread Ministries.