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NewTek introduces three new TriCaster production systems

NewTek has unveiled the next generation of its, professional TriCaster multi-camera production systems with three new models —TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 410.

The company also has rolled out major enhancements to its flagship TriCaster 8000.

All TriCaster systems now offer four or eight full mix/effects (M/E) channels, expanding the system’s switching performance. Producers can use these M/Es to generate layered and composited real-time video, produce submixes in the main video program and output content as a secondary program.

Additional enhancements that are now standard across the entire product line include advanced virtual sets with new camera motion controls; new “holographic” virtual sets that blend panoramic images with layered and composited video; and broad media publishing functions.

The new family of TriCaster systems include:

  • TriCaster 410 — a streamlined, compact system with a full 4M/E production switcher, HD-SDI connectivity, and tools for live-only delivery;
  • TriCaster 460 — a compact system with a full 4M/E production switcher with greater connectivity and broader creative flexibility for any small or medium-sized production;
  • TriCaster 860 — a system designed for full-sized live action with an abundance of angles, visuals, coverage and post-production tools, offering a full 8M/E production switcher.

See NewTek at IBC 2012 Stand 7.K11.