NewTek Introduces Genesis for Worship Services Production

NewTek, a manufacturer of 3D animation and video products, has released Genesis, a video production system for the live production, editing and graphic creation of worship services production.

The Genesis system has an 8-input switcher for cameras and video decks and includes effects, animated backgrounds, graphics, titles, fonts and other features. It is compatible with other graphics software from Adobe Photoshop to Microsoft PowerPoint and has real-time video output of broadcast formats from Beta SP and D1 to DVCam and Mini-DV, as well as web streaming. The Genesis also includes an audio mixer and on-screen TV monitors.

Noting that the religious video market has a specific set of challenges, Jim Plant, the president and CEO of NewTek targeted the Genesis to work with "tight budgets, volunteer staff, long live production with lots of graphics and a variety of projects from video projected during services, to video for shut-ins, to fund-raising videos."