New TeamCast CMMB/DTMB modulator aimed at Chinese market

Among TeamCast's new products to be unveiled at IBC2009 is the MCX-2000 universal CMMB- and DTMB-compliant modulator, designed for Chinese CMMB and DTMB transmitter, test system and R&D applications.

Designed and developed for fast integration of all the core technology required for high-quality modulation, the compact MCX-2000 helps transmitter manufacturers and systems integrators rapidly launch products for the Chinese mobile and terrestrial DTV markets.

MCX-2000 modules offer a high MER value, excellent shoulder levels and low phase noise compliant with SARFT requirements. It incorporates easy-to-use linear and nonlinear digital precorrection circuits to compensate for output filter and power amplifier characteristics, if needed. Fully compliant with CMMB (STIMI) technology and with DTMB (TDS-OFDM and single-carrier signal waveforms), the MCX-2000 is available in VHF and UHF models.

At IBC2009, TeamCast also will show its Power4-T2 DVB-T2 modulator for DVB-T2 commercial broadcasting, DVB-T2 trial networks and R&D; the Demod4-T2 professional DVB-T2 demodulator for testing and monitoring DVB-T2 signals, including on-field signal demodulation, transmission signal performance checks and QoS monitoring; and the NIM-1000 network interface module for feeding digital TV and radio transmitters.

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