New Ross Video Vision Tritium offers 3MLE performance, Vision Octane features

Ross Video has introduced the Vision Tritium, a 3MLE production switcher with the Vision Octane feature set.

A full 3MLE modular production switcher with 48 x 32 multidefinition inputs and outputs, six real 3-D DVEs, 16 channels of internal media stores, 16 keyers, UltraChrome chroma keys, built-in dual-head multiviewers and external device controls, Vision Tritium delivers high-end production capability for those with a mid-sized budget.

With Vision Tritium, users can now own a Vision series modular 3MLE panel with a choice of 24 or 32 direct access crosspoint buttons. Vision’s AuxKeys, color correction and MultiDSK are included in the switcher’s feature set. The panel is fully compatible with standard Vision Octane options. Tritium also offers the ability to convert to a full Vision Octane 3G system as production needs change.