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New professional DVD/CD player from HHB now shipping

Developed to fulfill the requirement for a compact, industrial-strength, universal DVD/CD player, HHB’s UDP-89 is now shipping. The UDP-89 is designed to deliver the ultimate in digital video quality via its HDMI output, along with high-quality analog picture. Sonic performance rivals that of high-end audiophile players, with the balanced surround-sound outputs to maximize the impact of high-quality movie soundtracks, and also to realize the best from SACD and DVD-Audio formats.

The production model builds on the original launch specification with the addition of a new “clean screen” feature that enhances the product’s suitability for use in A/V and broadcast applications, along with a raft of other developments. The clean screen ensures that the video output remains free of the brand logos that render consumer DVD players unsuitable for professional use. Furthermore, menu commands and transport status appear only in the front-panel display, leaving the screen a plain grey when no content is being played.

Housed in a compact 1RU chassis and engineered for long-term use, the UDP-89 plays CD, Video-CD, SACD, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs and features a built-in preamp with volume control for direct connection to active 5.1 speaker systems, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, MPEG audio decoding, professional cueing, A-B repeat function and RS-232 and parallel control interfaces.

In addition to its clean-screen design, the UDP-89 also adds an upgraded power supply, more flexible cue to marker features and an extension of the auto-pause facility to encompass SACD and DVD. The HHB UDP-89 professional universal DVD/CD player is distributed by Sennheiser in the United States.

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