Prisma II HD-RXR
Scientific Atlanta

High-density dual reverse receiver optics platform delivers 52 RXR in 6RU chassis; delivers network via 5MHz to 9MHz bandpass; provides network design flexibility in a single configurable chassis; offers advanced features, such as low power consumption and high RF output.


Server eliminates file compatibility issues that occur when media and its associated metadata move between target devices; uses an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows users to browse and select clips from a server, and drag them into an editing/finishing program; allows EDLs from browse editing applications to be imported directly onto the NLE timeline along with all associated media files; supports DV, DVCPRO 25 and IMX at 30Mb/s, 40Mb/s and 50Mb/s in both NTSC and PAL media formats.
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Densité Series HCO-1821

2 × 1 HD/SD/ASI change-over offers silent switching capabilities, and is operated by an electronic switch backed up by a latching relay in the event of power failure; supports 16 channels of embedded audio and metadata, and provides streaming video and audio level metering; features two source inputs and two outputs; allows change-overs to be performed manually or by automation, with the switching driven by signal analysis, alarm parameters and input status.


Codecs use JPEG2000 technology to transport HD-SDI; compress the active picture portion of the HD video to approximately 200Mb/s (1:7:5 ratio) allowing 70Mb for audio and VANC data transport; lower compression ratio provides a better quality, visually lossless reproduction of the original image while preserving audio and valuable metadata.

Stereo Compressor

System features dual monochrome LCD displays with LED backlighting in 2RU; displays parameters on-screen in text and graphic form; displays metering on the LCD screens as well, with six meters simultaneously showing the input, output and gain reduction of both channels; can store and retrieve presets from built-in Web server; allows users to display and change settings of the selected channel, download/upload the presets and e-mail or store the settings for future use through any Web browser.


High-definition studio lens optical system maintains size and weight commensurate to that of other portable production cameras, weighing a third of a typical HD box lens; features a 105mm input optical port that produces a high sensitivity, high contrast, optimized uniformity of brightness across the image plane.

5000 series
Advent Communications

News acquisition system includes DVE5000 digital video exciter and AUC5000 high-performance block upconverter that can be installed together in a 19in 1RU; DVE5000 offers MPEG-2 4:2:2 encoding for SD/HD, is DSNG2 ready and is upgradable to meet MPEG-4 standards; offers options for both DVB-S2 and DVB-T, and two to eight audio channels; AUC5000 has input at L band and outputs for satellite bands C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka; provides optional second SHF output for redundancy; operates at low power levels and gives low spurious signals, variable gain and high stability.

ProBrowse 2.0

New version on the proxy generation and management system contains advanced management and video processing features to facilitate material research, storyboard development, offline shot trimming and media management across multiple Omneon storage systems; incorporates intelligent scene-change detection, automatically creating key frames at each scene change that contain a timecode reference allowing the users to jump to the beginning of any desired scene in the clip; includes features for offline clip management, such as jog/shuttle capabilities with continuous audio; generates low-resolution versions of all material and keeps track of the full-resolution media regardless of its location in the system.


Frame of up to 12 digital telephone interface cards with a redundant power supply features compatibility with ADAM, ADAM CS, Cronus and ZEUS intercom systems; provides bi-directional communication between the intercom matrix and an analog telephone line; allows the phone to access all crosspoints of the matrix, as well as dynamic party lines and IFB circuits; provides a transparent link to the telephone system, enabling full dial-out capability from any designated keypanel with keypad; provides full dial-in capability, giving the caller a keypanel in the system via commands from the DTMG pad on the telephone.


Camcorder offers live, uncompressed 1080i/60 and 720p/60 via HD-SDI with embedded audio; features optional KA-HD250E studio adapter with full 26-pin camera control alongside the HD-SDI and SDI output; operates at 12V DC via either the built-in battery V-plate or the four-pin XLR input; features include BNCs for genlock, time code in/out, SDI and HD-SDI out, and a six-pin connector for remote control; comes equipped with dynamic shading compensation to minimize lens aberrations.

SAFARI L-3 Streamer
Metric Systems

Network appliance protects digital IP video, audio and large data files from common network transport-induced impairments such as random and burst packet loss, latency and jitter; ensures content delivery over single or multiple links experiencing up to 40 percent packet loss while using an incrementally small bandwidth overhead of 5 to 10 percent; includes six independent gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet ports; supports all digital IP video SD and HD formats; features front-panel I/O access and T1/E1, ASI and SDI interfaces.