DF66 DSP SuperCore

Modular converter allows users to expand System 5 and Max Air digital audio mixing systems from 32 to 1000 channels; features include bus processing, enhanced dynamics and SNMP monitoring; enables channel delays of up to two seconds.


Active storage system works with large digital media files; combines grid storage and computing; provides scalable, centralized storage; components communicate over Ethernet and generate bandwidth available to external clients; each storage component is a media-processing engine, making computational resources available to applications for media processing functions while content resides within the storage system.


System checks and measures AV synchronization of file-based digital video content; can be set to run in batch mode for repeated and timed tests; logs errors with programmable alarm threshold; identifies the video and audio frame number based on embedded codes, and reports this to the alert mechanism, alert log and in various displays; analyzes test files captured at various points in the broadcast chain; allows the alert limits on audio lead and lag to be separately specified.

Streaming Video Card

Card supports multivendor and multicompression standards; allows digital streaming video simultaneously within the controller; nonstandard compression techniques and stream transport can be ported to the platform; may be used alongside Barco's other interface cards, allowing for simultaneous deployment of multiple video technologies.


Signal monitoring module fits into 7700FR-C frame; simultaneously accepts, auto-detects, analyzes and displays eight synchronous or asynchronous HD, SD and analog video signals; displays up to 1920 × 1200 resolution; has built-in VistaLINK support for remote monitoring and control via SNMP.

ScheduALL 4.52

Operations management system offers integration of real-time scheduling of resources and automation; includes extensive network and Internet capabilities and security controls; is scalable to address individual business needs; detailed project management tracks workflow through the system; readily integrates with production systems as well as accounting, human resource and ERP systems.


Digital routing switchers handle SDI and HDTV, as well as nonstandard digital signals, in the same frame; both copper and fiber output modules are available in nine different frame sizes, including 64 × 64 in 4RU or 6RU, 128 × 128 in 7RU or 11RU, 256 × 256 in 18RU, 512 × 512 in 27RU and 1024 × 512 in 41RU; the HD multirate card set handles bit rates from 3Mb/s to 1.5Gb/s and re-clocks at 144Mb/s, 177Mb/s, 270Mb/s, 360Mb/s and 1.5Gb/s.


A visible light source; the unit outputs a visible red laser at 650nm and facilitates the testing of optical fibers by finding breaks, verifying continuity and validating patch cables.

Blackmagic Design

Features HDMI-in to connect to cameras and digital STBs for high-quality capture; allows users to capture and play back full-resolution HDTV uncompressed video; Windows and Mac OS X compatible; allows users to instantly switch between HD and SD video standards, including HDTV 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/60, 720p/50, NTSC and PAL.

Snell & Wilcox

Automated content repurposing station enables users to create high-quality digital masters of their content and then repurpose these for distribution on multiple revenue-generating platforms; integrates image conditioning, content mastering, QC and content repurposing functionality; concurrent processing capabilities eliminate the need for separate encoding and transcoding processing steps; allows multiple, simultaneous transcode processes to start as soon as the master encode process is under way.


Allows for easy distribution and publishing of content on mobile terminals; users can design WAP pages and present content such as text, images and video; works with any type of video or image format; converts inserted video and image into formats supported by mobile terminals.
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LDK 8000
Grass Valley

HD camera offers 14-bit A/D sampling and 24-bit resolution digital signal processing; includes support for 1080/50p or 60p; includes new high-bandwidth fiber system for delivery over 10GigE.

Network Electronics

L-band electrical-to-optical/optical-to-electrical interface is part of a series of Flashlink fiber-optic interfacility products for the transport of analog RF signals covering applications in earth stations, CATV headends and broadcast facilities; the transmitter/receiver permits distances ranging from 328ft (100m) to more than 30mi (50km); CWDM optical multiplexing technology enables multiple L-band signals to be transported on a single fiber.

HD Branding Engine

Occupies two slots in an NV5128 multiformat router frame; includes 16 HD-SDI inputs, an audio/video A/B mixer, three external keyers, and logo store with nonvolatile storage and keyer; features two voice-over mixers; manual and automation control protocols are the same as other NVISION master control products; features emergency bypass relay on program output.

DIVAnet 2.0
Front Porch Digital

Solution allows global media companies to network any number of DIVArchive installations and achieve automatic content replication, disaster recovery and business continuance functionality among connected sites; provides a toolset for advanced content lifecycle control; ensures that multiple facilities share media libraries; enables one facility to duplicate and take over another facility's program transmission in the event of failure.

ZFR100 stereo adaptor

Stereo adapter and time code interface integrates with ZFR100 broadcast-quality recorder; provides two balanced audio inputs that eliminate ground loop problems; time code input synchronizes the time code generator and supports automated loading of audio onto the memory card; time code/audio out connector can be used as an audio monitor for playback; equipped with an 8V to 16V DC input.


Single, expandable chassis combines multiroom, multi-image display and HD/SD routing; can display 96 HD, SD or analog inputs any number of times, in any size, across eight displays of any resolution and orientation, without blocking or grouping restrictions; as a router, offers switching of 96 unprocessed inputs to 48 HD/SD outputs; can monitor up to 2304 channels of audio, including embedded, discrete AES or discrete analog.

TANDBERG Television

Scalable, automated solution streamlines the creation, management and distribution of media assets; based on a customizable open architecture with an array of installation options; supports linear and on-demand media, as well as interactive content and applications, including interactive advertisements.

Fathom 2.8

Advanced encoding solution increases quality of SD video and lower-bandwidth applications such as mobile video and Web streaming; delivers SMPTE VC-1 and Windows Media output quality; includes S Series, which supports both live and file-based input and closed captioning (CEA 608, CEA 708 and SAMI) with advanced encoding; includes multichannel audio support, featuring AC3 Dolby Digital pass-through.


Analog and digital audio multiplexer and demultiplexer for serial digital video supports four channels of analog audio or two stereo AES/SPDIF channels per card; supports 143Mb/s, 177Mb/s, 270Mb/s, 360Mb/s and 540Mb/s serial digital video and 24-bit audio at 48KHz; supports up to eight channels of either RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or CMOS/TTL in the analog audio mode; multiple cards can be cascaded to support up to 16 audio channels per SDI stream.

NetProcessor 9040
Grass Valley

HD MPEG-4 transrater and splicer bridges ASI transport streams, legacy ATM circuits and IP delivery over a GigE topology; adds splicing into the ASI transport stream, allowing content to be added to a channel regionally or locally; allows individual channels within a transport stream to be transrated; offers full support for SD/HD MPEG-4 channels.

Network Electronics

Router range includes the VD256256L with multirate support from 19.4Mb/s to 540Mb/s with re-clocking and the HD256256L with multirate support from 19.4Mb/s to 1485Mb/s with re-clocking; units provide fully hot-swappable module cards, built-in dual redundant power supply, and fully redundant control architecture and controller functions; includes TCP/IP control interface and interconnectivity with VikinX modular control panels and SNMP agent; allows various signal processing functions and fiber optics in the router with Bridge Lines; supports SD/HD-SDI video and digital and AES audio in one frame.

Quasar Ph.C
Snell & Wilcox

HDTV upconverter uses motion-estimation techniques based on the company's Ph.C technology to produce clear HD outputs from a variety of SD inputs; combines four Snell & Wilcox technologies in a 1RU package, including Ph.C motion estimation, DEFT 3:2 cadence correction, Prefix compression preprocessing and FormatFusion HDTV conversion.


Handheld optical fiber identifier pinpoints optical undamaged fibers by detecting the optical signals, power levels and signal direction being transmitted through the fibers.

NDT 200
Fast Forward Video

Portable DVR is designed for field use; offers simple operation for broadcast-quality DVR applications, including video assist, location recording, video analysis, and use in inspection systems and sports environments; features an AC/DC power option; records to a removable 2.5in disk drive; can serve as a direct replacement for tape-based recording systems.


Four-channel SDI and audio fiber-optic transport provides high performance with built-in SDI frame sychronizers; system supports four SDI, 16 audio or eight AES/SPDIF channels.

X-View Maestro

Control enables monitoring of multiple video sources on a single display monitor; lowers power consumption, heat dissipation and space requirements; enables users to control routers or signal switching via touchscreen-based environment.
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HD MPEG-2 video compression system enables MPEG-2 acceleration from the user interface of many applications; allows ingest from live uncompressed sources such as HD and SD cameras and tape decks; provides 1920 × 1080 real-time HD encoding; supports all profiles, levels, resolutions, frame rates and MPEG-2 options.

Edge Blending
TV One

Feature added to C2-1000 and C2-7000 series converters; support high-res RGB images, composite video, S-video, YUV or YpbPr component video, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and DVI; employ gamma correction to compensate for problems when edge blending between projectors; can be used for other effects, such as adding a soft edge to single or dual picture-in-picture (PIP) windows on each output.
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