Monitoring system includes processor matched to a 16:10 WUXGA 24in TFT LCD panel; features HQV technology for full-resolution display of 480i, 1080i and SD/HD analog and digital video I/O; offers interlaced and progressive SD/HD-SDI input and DVI/HDMI/RGB 1080p60/50 output; supports SP/DIF (AES) and embedded audio with perfect lip sync, available on HDMI and SP/DIF (AES) outputs.
+44 1296 42 45 10

System 5-P

Digital audio mixing system includes updated control surface modules that feature higher-resolution screens and touch-sensitive knobs; allows multiple external DAW control from the system's surface via the EuCon Hybrid option, which supports major DAWs such as ProTools, Logic Pro, Nuendo and Pyramix; enables users to bring tracks from multiple workstations as well as the system's own DSP channels onto the surface together; saves and recalls the position of tracks on the surface.
+44 20 8561 2566

2K Plus v4.1.2
da Vinci

Newest version of color enhancement system includes support for digital projection standards, specifically resolutions of 2048 × 1080 10-bit RGB at 23.98sF and 24sF; supports advanced features of Grass Valley Spirit 2K/4K telecine, including six-sector secondary color correction, auto focus, automatic calibration and focus aid, which eases manual adjustment; features enhanced ColorTrace capabilities that support visual effects shots and include a wider range of acceptable file-naming standards.
+44 1438 812790


Rasterizer for quality verification and control and content processing applications supports HD monitoring applications with options to add SD and/or composite analog video monitoring; offers support for monitoring digital audio (embedded or AES/EBU inputs) and analog audio; assures transparent monitoring without introducing distortion; provides a report of any type of errors and time codes for fast tracking and correction.
+44 1344 392400;

Morpheus Foundation

Expandable, out-of-the-box configurable automation system controls up to six delivery channels and is based on format- and device-independent platforms; addresses key areas of management and delivery, including ingest (live, from tape or direct file input), storage management, playout, master control and router information, real-time manual information and feedback, graphics and logo insertion, closed captioning and subtitling, GPI interface, extended data services, traffic interface and schedule and as-run log conversion options.
+44 118 986 6123;

Digital Video SFP

Solution transmits digital video component signals over fiber using standard optical transceivers; features compatibility with any optical transport system, including WDM platforms and digital cross-connects; provides link redundancy for critical applications, link extension over new or existing fiber plants and video distribution and multicasting, as well as wave division multicasting — CWDM and DWDM.
+49 6105 2070;

Protus Ph.C
Snell & Wilcox

Video image conditioning system allows mobile TV service providers to increase picture quality and/or reduce bandwidth requirements; works with almost any video compression encoder and all compression formats; features image conditioning tools, including noise reduction and motion compensated deinterlacing and scaling, which converts video to the correct scanning format, picture size and aspect ratio with few artifacts and image degradations.
+44 23 9248 9000


Multichannel surround-sound microphone delivers 5.1 channels with no external mixing; features a multidirectional pickup pattern with 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response on five perimeter channels and a discrete LFE microphone located inside — phantom powered with an LED indicator; attaches to a Monster cable that terminates in a six-pin Neutrik XLR connector.
+1 416 362 7790

Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters
Band Pro Film & Digital

Diopters in +1 and +2 magnification work with Zeiss and other high-performance 2/3in HD lenses; attach easily to the front of the lens with a single thumbscrew; are designed for extreme close-ups or wide-angle shots with a shallow depth of field; employ an achromatic dual-lens assembly to minimize color fringing and spherical aberration; an anti-reflective coating reduces light loss and flare; allow stacking of +1 and +2 diopters for a +3 magnification.
+1 818 841 9655;


Router and DSP engine consists of a 19in 4RU mainframe with 21 assignable slots for interface plug-in cards; manages up to 256 × 256 I/O real-time channels; with additional units, it can manage router systems with thousands of audio I/Os by using DiAN fiber-optic interconnection network components; features enhanced front-panel display and fanless power supply units, with an optional hot-swappable redundant power supply unit available.
+49 89 45672 300


External RAID system features a FireWire interface to the main workstation using two removable/hotswap SATA hard drives in a RAID 1 mirrored configuration; offers instant safety copy to eliminate problems of hard drive failure; performs disk to disk copies with no computer providing disk duplicates; outfitted with configurable push buttons and front LCD display.
+44 118 975 8688

On2 VP6
Digital Rapids

Codec module for Stream family of media encoding solutions enables the creation of Flash 8 Video files; supports both live Flash Video streaming and encoding to files from live, tape or digital media file inputs; encodes content to VP6 while simultaneously encoding to other formats; includes distribution rights for content created with the VP6 codec, allowing users to distribute VP6-encoded material without additional licensing fees.
+44 1428 751 012


Enhanced video server file system lifts the limits on actual MPEG AV file sizes and supports recording lengths beyond typical programming needs; allows each recording session to continue without interruption for almost 24 hours while maintaining high-quality MPEG-2 AV bit rates; features file transfer recovery, enabling users to reinitiate a file transfer rather than start over from the beginning in case of network interruptions.
+1 517 694 8000

Task HDMI Switchers
TV One

Three new switchers include the two-input 1T-HDMI-821, the four-input 1T-HDMI-841 and the eight-input 1T-HDMI-881; certified compliant by the HDMI Authorized Test Center, as well as HDCP and RoHS compliant; support HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p, and SD 480i; include IR remote-control unit, but can also be controlled via front-panel push buttons, IR or RS-232 interface.
+44 1843 873311;


Pair of units sends 100Mb/s Ethernet over standard coaxial video cable; supports up to 305m of coaxial cable; can be daisy chained to allow for multiple 305m lengths of cable; introduces less than 500 microseconds of delay; allocates bandwidth intelligently to the hardware that needs it; works with 12V DC or 24V AC power; allows for multiple cameras over one video cable.
+44 1292 264967

EX 1.5X TeleConverter

Enhances the performance of various Canon, Panasonic and Sony compact HD camcorders; combines with Sony's HVR-V1U internal 1.5X digital extender to produce full 2.25X telephoto effect, shifting the original camera lens focal length to 14mm to 175mm from 3.9mm to 78mm; offers zoom-through ability of almost 12.5X before vignetting; includes 72mm to 62mm step-down ring and 72mm screw-in rear threads for mounting.
+1 661 295 3313

Universal Session and Resource Manager (USRM)
Scientific Atlanta

USRM extends the video and data network control plane to help enable interactive triple- and quad-play services over cable networks; provides carrier-class signaling and resource management with always-on operation; features SNMP management, a Web interface for management and configuration, m:n redundancy, in-service upgrades, real-time graphical analytics, policy-based failover, and resource management and monitoring.
+44 8708 325400;

Brilliance Low Cap Speaker Cable

OFHC speaker cable uses high-conductivity, oxygen-free copper conductors, as well as low-capacitance polyolefin dielectric; features brightly colored, satin-finished PVC jackets with ascending/descending sequential markings at 2ft intervals and print legends that incorporate location information; is available with 10, 12, 14 or 16 AWG bare copper conductors.
+44 161 266 1115;


AES/EBU digital audio testing system operates in three selectable modes: pass through (where the system acts like both a wiretap and a repeater), cable test (a self-test mode that also verifies the integrity of the cable) and normal; recognizes digital sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz; allows selection of mic, an electret condenser type that feeds both left and right channels, tone, generator that provides 440Hz for left channel and 880Hz for right, or aux in, which accepts line-level stereo audio as the analog audio source.
+32 2 672 95 90

4K Resolution Image Mastering/Playback System
Doremi Labs

System provides 4096 × 2160 lines of resolution; requires only one Doremi server and an image processor for playback; provides four DVI or four dual-link HD-SDI video streams for connection to the 4K projector; is 4RU; works with JPEG2000-compliant 4K image files.
+33 492 952 830;

CineAlta Sony

Digital camera system supports 4:4:4 1920 × 1080 RGB imaging, as well as 1080/23.98P, 24P, 25P, 29.97P, 50P, 59.94P, 50i and 59.94i formats; uses three 2.2Mb 2/3in progressive CCD imagers and a 14-bit A/D converter; captures and records variable speed images from 1P to 60P, allowing for quick- or slow-motion functionality.
+44 1932 816000

Time Tailor
Prime Image

Added functionality for video time compression system preserves closed captioning of HD video content during its seamless time compression; features a time-reduction process that occurs in real time without prerecording or preprocessing; doesn't compromise the integrity of the program master copy.
+1 408 867 6519

Leader Electronics

Modular multiformat broadcast signal analyzer enables four SDI or HD-SDI sources to be viewed simultaneously; is compliant with all HD/SD-SDI standards, including 1080p/50 via dual link; includes front panel with a high-resolution 1024 × 768 pixel XGA display that can be detached from the main body; displays digital audio as 3:1, 3:2 and 3:2:2 surround images, multilissagous, digital values in dB combined with error reporting and eight- or 16-channel bar graphs.
+31 40 2 645

Zeppelin Fleecy

Windscreen features a charcoal gray fleece exterior backed with tight-weave micro fiber fitted over an open cell foam body designed to fit snugly over most shotgun microphones; provides ideal microphone protection for shotgun mics mounted on DV cameras in most light weather situations.
+1 760 727 0593;

Auralex Acoustics

Twenty-four piece set absorbs echoes and reflections through a wide range of frequencies; includes instructions to build seven designs to treat an 8ft by 10ft wall or ceiling; provides absorption, diffusion and reflection for optimal acoustics; features varying thickness and Studiofoam to ensure durability and Class B flame retardancy.
+1 317 578 3348

Firewire Audio Snake
I/ONE Connects

Fiber-optic cable includes four stereo AES or S/PDIF in/out, eight ADAT in/out, 16 analog in/out, Word Clock in/out, RS-232 control, fiber-optic and 2 × 9 pin FireWire connectors and patchbay software for Windows XP; offers sample rate choices of 44k, 48k, 88k, 96k, 176k or 192k, 24-bit audio with distributed Word Clock and control, bidirectionally; features the DICEII FireWire chip with JetPLL Jitter Elimination Technology and mLAN compatibility.
+49 57 51 959 708;


MPEG transport stream monitor provides simultaneous monitoring of critical key performance indicators for up to 500 MPEG transport streams carried within a GigE link; monitoring includes critical MPEG transport stream errors, IP packet errors and IP timing; supports both multiprogram transport streams and single program transport streams in error testing; features automatic channel changing capability to sequentially poll multiple streams and seamless linkage between IP, RF and MPEG layers; allows up to 200 IP sessions to be monitored in-depth.
+44 1344 392400

AVC Encoder
Digital Rapids

Optional encoding module expands the existing MPEG-4 and AVC/H.264 support in the Digital Rapids Stream product family; supports AVC content encoding for playback on consumer electronics devices with Baseline and Main AVC/H.264 profiles, Simple and Advanced Simple MPEG-4 Part 2 profiles and AAC and High-Efficiency AAC audio; features Nero Digital technology.
+44 1428 751 012

8200/7200 DSP series

8200 Series biamplified active monitors, 7200 Series active subwoofers allow for all standard AES/EBU formats of digital audio; accept sampling rates ranging from 32kHz to 192kHz and traditional analog signals; integrated software allows 25 of the 8200 loudspeakers and five of the 7200 subwoofers to be defined and controlled via standard Cat 5 cabling; supports standalone operating mode, computer-assisted, which enables user-defined setups to facilitate a wide variety of mixing requirements, and stored settings, which allow acoustic parameters to be stored to all speakers.
+358 17 83 881;

LightViper EF-2

Dual-channel 10/100 Ethernet-to-fiber converter accepts two independent channels of 10/100 Ethernet via two standard RJ-45 connector/receptacles; converts signals to two fiber-optic transmit/receive pairs; operates in three configurations: standard Ethernet using transmit/receive pairs, two channels of single direction Ethernet, or a combination of both; features an internal full-range, auto-switching AC power supply and optional external 9V to 18V DC supply.
+1 301 604 0100;

PS/1 PowerStation
AMS Neve

Audio mixer integrates with ProTools, Nuendo or Pyramix environments as a combined HD digital audio console and workstation controller; provides access to 384 signal paths with a 1.2m footprint; features high-resolution TFT metering and WavTrak audio waveform display, with stem metering and clear graphical EQ and routing displays, full surround monitoring, and machine control; includes two XSP cards and one Quad MADI card, providing 70 inputs with processing and four 5.1 surround streams.
+44 1282 457011

MR series

One-bit professional mobile recorders support multiple recording formats including DSDIFF, DSF and WSD one-bit formats and multibit PCM format with resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz; handheld MR-1 delivers high-quality 1-bit/2.8MHz recording and playback, while tabletop MR-1000 delivers up to 1-bit/5.6MHz; convert 1-bit format to any other bit depth and sample rate without error or degradation; feature lightweight, rugged metal housings, backlit LCD screen and AC adaptor.
+44 1908 857101;

I-Linx series
B&B Electronics

Industrial data converters include optical isolation that changes RS-232 format data signals to RS-422 for increased range, or RS-485 for increased range and multidrop capability; provide fiber-optic data transmission with intrinsic optical isolation; feature rugged DIN rail-mount cases for industrial applications.
+353 91 792444;

A-T Artist series

Microphones offer a broad frequency response, extremely low handling noise, reduced pickup sounds from the sides and rear, and output via a low-impedence, three-pin XLRM-type connector; ATM410 cardioid dynamic vocal mic features a frequency response of 90Hz to 16,000Hz; ATM610 hypercardioid dynamic vocal mic employs a dual-wall floating construction and features a frequency response of 40Hz to 16,000Hz; ATM710 cardioid condenser vocal mic includes an 80Hz high-pass filter that provides easy switching from a flat frequency response (40Hz to 20,000Hz) to a low-end, roll-off position and a switchable 10dB pad.
+44 113 292 0460;

Control Station Combiner
Bird Technologies

Multichannel combiner provides frequency-agile operation across entire frequency range; reduces the number of antennas required on any communications site; ensures radio-to-radio isolation; features analog and digital compatibility and is available for 132MHz to 150MHz, 150MHz to 174MHz, 380MHz to 450MHz and 450MHz to 520MHz.
+1 440 248 1200;

CopperTen Augmented Category 6 UTP

Cable features .699cm outside diameter providing 22-percent reduction in cross-sectional area; is designed to run 10GigE over 100m of copper cabling; provides enhanced airflow for improved data center cooling, reliability and uptime; offers reduced installation costs due to light weight and volume, as well as improved fill rates in cable trays, conduits and raceways.
+44 1242 264400;