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Inverse Multiplexer MKII
ARG ElectroDesign

Multiplexer transmits video over several low-cost telcos; maintains transmission quality by adding Reed-Solomon Error Correction and up to 64ms of differential line delay; features bidirectional transmission, T1 framing, SNMP, internal protection switching, 10/100BASE-T IP data port and plug-and-play functionality.
+44 1285 658501;


Automatic speech-to-text captioning system generates emergency broadcast captioning and produces captions directly from the broadcast talent's speech audio, after being trained to recognize the talent's speech pattern; provides emergency closed-captioning during severe weather, natural disasters and other crisis situations; immediately available in the studio for activation when needed.
+1 203 758 8667;

UHF Power Splitter

Two-way power splitter comes in 50V for WiLAN, WiMax, GPS and cell phone devices, and 75Ω for satellite broadcast distribution and Cat 5; also available in four-way configuration; features center frequency from 300MHz to 2600MHz and bandwidth options of 100MHz, 150MHz, 200MHz and customized; offers excellent insertion loss and return loss, as well as RoHS compliancy.
+886 2 25652500;

Element Labs

Line of flexible LED video screens can bend and wrap to accommodate almost any design, offer a pixel pitch of 75mm and carry significant IP ratings; G75 model features an ultra-thin grid construction, linkable modules 4 pixels by 32 pixels in size and a weather-resistant design (IP rating 65); H75 model is daylight-visible and fully submersible, can withstand high temperatures and prolonged sun exposure, and incorporates individually lensed RGB LEDs for high brightness.
+44 20 7749 0611


Plug-in HMI unit designed for use with the 12V Paglight M uses a 24W lamp that has an output equivalent to 100W of halogen lighting with a daylight color temperature; produces a soft, even spectral distribution that is fully focusable from spot to flood; features a low power consumption with a high output.
+44 20 8543 3131;


Spring arm for camera stabilizing systems features three interchangeable stainless steel spring sets to handle payloads from 11kg to 26kg, pretensioning capability that allows the operator to adjust the tension to accommodate various loads with a single 4mm Allen wrench and a flip-over vest attachment that makes it easier to switch from right-handed to left-handed operation; offers adjustable friction with 5/8in gimbal mounting post; also available in 6in, 10in and 12in lengths.
+49 89 321 58 200;

Multicam version 9

Newest version of the software application offers major third-party integration, performance improvements for the XT[2] production server, including the ability to play clips on the XT[2] while transferring from NLE or archive systems, and a 50 percent expansion of the XT[2] disk bandwidth.
+32 4 361 7000;


New features to the multiformat production switcher include floating frame synchronizers, floating frame stores, extended effects options, protocol options, a variety of multiformat output options and a new remote aux panel; new panel uses TCP/IP to communicate with the switcher to modify the sources assigned to a particular auxiliary output.
+1 978 715 1020;

RF Central

Camera-mounted transmitter offers a variable 6/7/8MHz modulator, 100mW power output, full MPEG menu control and HD upgradability; limits spectral regrowth at full power to less than -35dBc; offered in 2GHz frequency band, with other frequencies available upon request.
+1 717 249 4900;

FRC 94xyM

Full HD frame rate converter IC eliminates motion blur and film judder on 1080p televisions; features truD FHD 120 technology that generates 120fps from 50/60Hz broadcast content and from 24fps film sources, and motion vector estimation and compensation frame interpolation technology for 1920 × 1080p 100/120Hz televisions; reduces cost, pin-out and electrical noise with low voltage differential signaling interfaces on both inputs and outputs.
+49 761 517 0;


Confidence monitor carts feature 0.9m to 1.2m of toolless height adjustment, modular design for quick assembly and disassembly, 45 degrees of upward fingertip tilt, integrated cable management, a universal interface, lockable rear wheels and compact angled base; PFMU model fits 42in to 63in screens, up to 90kg; MFMU model fits 30in to 50in screens, up to 56kg.
+31 40 2668 620;


Production planning system ensures a complete overview at any stage of the production cycle with detailed transparency at any level; scheduling module provides different utilities like templates and functions that enable schedulers to work easily and in a well-arranged environment; supports the creation of series of appointments, automatic updates of the displayed data or automatic trans-sectional communication of changes.
+49 0221 28 5550;


Updated version of the Zoe remote zoom control for full-size broadcast cameras offers a range of remote functions, including variable stepless zoom speed control, record start/stop button, return function and reversible zoom direction; uses electronic software to adapt to different optics; adjusts zoom function through the system's pressure-sensitive rocker switch; available in eight- and 12-pin configurations.
+1 661 295 3313;

WorldCast Eclipse

IP audio codec offers IP, X.21/V.35 and ISDN interfaces and a selection of popular coding algorithms, including Enhanced apt-X, MPEG-I/II Layer 2/3, MPEG-4 AAC, G.711 and G.722 on a single DSP-based codec platform; software allows user to control both audio and network settings such as packet size, jitter buffers, and QoS levels; deployable in a wide range of applications such as OB, studio transmitter links over IP, leased line, fractional T1/E1, satellite, microwave or dial-up.
+44 28 9037 1110;


HDMI fiber-optic extender meets HDCP standards and is DDC line-compliant; includes an HDMI transmitter and receiver, and an external 12V power supply adapter; contains of variety of HDMI equipment cables, including four-strand 50/125 fiber cable, Cat 5e cable and HDMI cable; allows easy transmission of uncompressed digital video and audio up to 100m; can be applied to the WUXGA format.
+1 573 651 6500


Soft plastic cover for the rear end of the company's D-size chassis connectors protects the gap between connector and cable; works with all common wires and cables by cutting off the cover end to the preferred diameter; protects against electric shock when using PowerCon; creates airtight assembly and powered speakers with the XLR; offers LC dust protection on the rear end of OpticalCon.
+423 2372424;

Zephyr iPort MPEG Gateway
Telos Systems

Codec transports up to eight channels of bidirectional stereo audio between locations; features a Livewire interface, two Ethernet ports and connection protocols including MPEG-2, MPEG-3, AAC, aacPlus, AAC-LD, AAC-LD+HE and AAC-HE+PS; applications include anywhere MPEG encoding and decoding are needed for transmission over IP channels, such as STL links, Internet streaming, satellite uplinks, broadcasting to cell phones and other audio distribution systems.
+49 81 61 42 467;

Broad Scan
Analog Way

Computer-to-video and HDTV scan converters fitted with digital DVI and analog RGB inputs; convert workstation, PC or Mac graphic images up to 1600 × 1200 at 60Hz (1920 × 1200 RB) into NTSC/PAL video or HDTV formats; feature genlocks fitted with loop through outputs allowing for device chaining and real-time conversion with high-performance image processing; include LCD screen and computer input format memory, which stores up to 16 user presets corresponding to 16 different input formats.
+33 1 64 47 1603;

Predator II
Zandar Technologies

Multiviewer offers enhanced monitoring functions for the control of multiple systems in a scalable virtual wall and aspect ratio management to facilitate both 4:3 and 16:9 broadcasts, auto-sensing HD-SDI, SDI and composite video PAL or NSTC inputs via BNC; allows seamless integration with third-party equipment and controllers and fast response through status reporting using video, audio, metadata and system data monitoring; saves on space and power by virtualizing ancillary equipment such as UMDs, tally lamps and studio clocks.
+353 1 450 0901;

Xpresenter Suite v2.0
X2O Media

New version of the graphics production system streamlines the process of creating digital signage projects; includes Xpresenter Content Manager (enables users to create playlists of content, schedule content and distribute the content to all players from a single interface), Xpresenter Template Builder, Xpresenter Player, Template Library (includes ready-to-use, customizable graphic templates), Xpresenter server, Remote Manager, Xpresenter Agent, Data Parser and Web-Based Management Tools.
+1 514 987 7557;

IMS 900

In-ear system features 16 preprogrammed UHF frequencies; consists of SE 900 stereo transmitter and TE 900 stereo pocket receiver; the SE 900 accommodates up to eight channels per frequency range without interference and is housed in a metal case with a clear LC-display indicating group/channel; the TE 900 is equipped with a mono-stereo switch, volume and balance control, allowing for instantaneous alterations to the mix as well as two RF signal antennas to prevent signal drop outs.
+49 7131 6170


Audio cabling system consists of DT12 sports breakout box, trunks and tails; includes welded steel super-slim breakout boxes a quarter of the size of traditional stageboxes, male and female connectors with cover caps, recessed Neutrik XLR black and gold connectors and dual-sided channel identification; trunks manufactured with full-size 22 AWG conductors provide lower signal loss; features 100 percent shielded cables and fan outs available in 1.2m or 2.4m lengths.
+1 908 686 7400;

dScope Series III v1.21
Prism Sound

New version of audio analyzer software features new tools for acoustic measurements, PC audio and 192kHz sampling on digital audio interfaces; other enhancements include support for measurement microphone sensitivity and frequency response calibration, time domain averaging to reduce the effects of random noise and measurements, the ability to import and export sample buffers and WAV files, and the ability to run a script on every Sweep step.
+44 1223 424988;

C100 HD v4.0
Solid State Logic

New software offers up to 512 fader inputs and up to 256 additional short channel premix inputs with fader control, pan capabilities, and access to mono, stereo and 5.1 submix busses; supports high-density processing engines and control surfaces with access to up to 256 fully featured input channels with full processing capabilities; features new processing libraries, a four-element channel format with full spill functionality and direct control of a DAW via HUI protocol.
+44 1865 842300;

Vinten Radamec

Bolt-on height drive provides robotic control of the manual height mechanisms of the Vinten Osprey Elite and Pro Ped pedestals, as well as the Sachtler Combi Ped; supports Fusion robotic heads and professional portable video cameras, lenses and prompters with a maximum payload of 79kg; provides up to 10.7m of vertical travel at speeds from 1cm to 10cm per second; features height drive mounted at the base that can be quickly deactivated to allow manual control of the vertical positioning.
+44 1284 752 121

Manzanita Systems

Latest release of the stream identifier utility includes expanded format support for elementary streams, descriptor display and support for the company's USB hardware dongles; identifies and shows detailed information about files commonly used in DTV, streaming media and DVDs; includes a command line interface and GUI; supports H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10, DTS, Enhanced AC-3 and SMPTE 302M formats.
+1 858 679 8990;


Digital I/O module for the Pro64 platform provides 16 channels of digital inputs and outputs to and from a Pro64 A-Net audio network in a single 2RU package using the AES3 format; supports all valid Pro64 sample rates from 44.1/48kHz to 192kHz; comes standard with DB25 multipin connectors for audio I/O; is available with BNC connectors for seamless integration in a broadcast environment; includes I/O for Virtual Data Cables (VDC), as well as VDC connectors for RS-232 or RS-422 and GPIO.
+1 610 738 9005;