New Products

Tandem 150

Modular power system operates as a DC power supply once a camera or other device is connected and turned on; separates the power/charger device from the power supply; allows users to simultaneously charge a battery and power a camera; automatically stops charging and performs solely as a 150W power supply when 75W draw is exceeded; resumes normal operation when camera is turned off or the load is reduced below 75W.
+31 45 5639220


Encrypted IFB bodypacks receive high-quality digital audio, time code and metadata from a Zaxcom IFB transmitter; feature LCD display for time code and current Scene and Take metadata in real time, with a hold button for script supervisors; contain a 1kHz notch filter to eliminate the transmission of tone that is sometimes sent from the mixing console.
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Quintech Electronics and Communications
QRM 2500

RF 16 × 16 matrix router features Q-ROUTE and Q-SENSE technology, which provide internal/external signal path redundancy and auto reroute capabilities; operates in frequency range covering both IF and L-band; offers manual and automatic AGC modes with a range of -15dB to 16dB in 0.5dB steps, with optional LNB power and individual port control to support all modulation formats; includes front-panel LED display.
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High-density, multirate, 3G HD-SDI SMPTE fiber-optic transport system includes a 4 × 4 matrix on both transmitter and receiver; accommodates up to 10 cards in DFR-8310 frame and up to 20 cards in DRF-8320 frame; transmitter card accepts four multirate HD-SDI electrical signals with speeds of 5Mb/s to 3Gb/s as inputs, which are equalized, reclocked and converted to four optical outputs; receiver card accepts four fiber-optic inputs and converts them to electrical outputs, which are reclocked and line buffered; can transport four redundant 3G HD-SDI feeds with automatic protection switching; supports SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI, DVB, ASI and SMPTE standards 424M, 292M, 259M and 310M.
+1 516 671 7278

Soft-Zepp US

Zeppelin-style windshield system allows a mic to be mounted without bayonet or screw fittings; constructed of lightweight acoustic foam with a coarse pitch, which produces a cavity to create an effective windshield system and minimizes high-frequency attenuation; features a permanent fur wind cover, Kraton rubber handgrip and thread in the handle for quick attachment to a boom pole.
+31 40 848 2534

Telecast Fiber Systems

Modular Media Interface family of 3G transmitter and receiver modules offers a flexible I/O solution for distribution of HD-SDI signals via fiber optics and copper cable; allows a single I/O port to be configured as an input or output for either fiber or copper; with any FPGA-based device, users can configure the device for 3Gb/s optical or electrical input and/or output; designed for both single- and multimode transmissions; can be easily plugged into a common connector.
+1 508 754

artemis EFP HD SE

Camera-stabilizing system features 15A high-capacity camera power supply, hot-swap technology, standard three-pin camera power out, three-pin aux power out, four-pin focus power out and camera power out, which uses a Lemo 2B six-pin socket and wiring scheme; can handle 14V and 15A at 210W; allows mounting of two batteries at four independently adjustable positions.
+49 89 321 58 200;

Advanced Digital Services

Editing tool allows users to complete a variety of DI tasks, including capturing, DCI mastering and editing uncompressed 4K data; supports the direct decoding of REDCODE RAW material in the timeline; integrates RED metadata.
+323 468 2200

BTX Technologies

Field-terminable connector system incorporates multiple data, HD video, audio and control signals in a single connector; consists of two Cat 5e connectors along with 16 HD video and 18 audio and control contacts.
+44 191 418 1122;


Compact, solid-state HD/SD video recorder can be attached to Polecam rig or mounted directly to a camera and connected to any HD-SDI source via BNC coax; file format conforms to FAT32 standard; supports bit rates ranging from 160Mb/s I-frame 4:2:2 1920 × 1080/1280 × 720p master quality to 18Mb/s long-GOP 1440 × 1080/1280 × 720p HD and 50Mb/s 720 × 576i and 720 × 480i SD; optionally outputs 18Mb/s MPEG-1 Layer 2 long-GOP streamed ASI HD; captures two channels of audio and up to eight channels direct to the SDI stream using an external embedder.
+44 1234 855 222;

Roland Systems Group

Video mixer features a downstream keyer and dual computer inputs; supports multiscreen output to drive more than one screen with different visuals on each; enables screens in the room to continue using camera or PC/Mac sources, while the record feed provides only camera (room) shots.
+44 20 8747 5949

Sonnet Technologies
Fusion RX1600Fibre

High-performance, expandable 16-drive RAID shard-storage Fibre Channel storage system features a four-port 8Gb Fibre Channel interface and built-in SAS expanders; supports multistream, multiuser collaborative workflows and multipath I/O; provides direct connection for up to four users without the addition of a Fibre Channel switch or dedicated server and controlled transfer acceleration for steady data streaming.
+1 949 587 3500;

Analog Way

Multilayer mixer, scaler and seamless switcher with universal analog and digital I/O and full high-res digital processing offers live effects, including keying and PIP animation as well as multilayer mixer and 12 × 2 seamless native matrix modes; offers up to 12 inputs, including two fitted with digital DVI and two fitted with SDI; compatible with SD and HDTV formats; outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously; provides high image quality with 10-bit SD/HD auto-adaptive, pixel-by-pixel, 3D motion-compensation processing, deinterlacing, auto 3:2 and 2:2 reverse pull-down circuitry, processing and frame follower.
+33 1 64 47 16


Aisle-partitioning system enables users to cost-effectively retrofit their existing rack installations to create hot and cold aisles that prevent air from mixing and improve cooling efficiencies; comprised of overhead panels and sliding doors, which are available with an auto-closing feature; features translucent panels to facilitate light dispersion.
+1 714 776 5420

Compix Media
CompixMOS 2.0

MOS interface for advanced newsroom integration of content from online play-to-air broadcast graphics systems allows users to benefit from the functionality of MOS standard by directly inserting CG events into newsroom scripts; enables the integration of discrete external devices to build high-quality news graphics ready for air directly from the newsroom computer system rundown script interface; requires only basic networked computer to run software and handle network traffic; designed to operate with most newsroom computer systems.
+1 949 585 0055


Fully-featured, single-card legalizers; LE-2nM is an integrated, multidefinition RGB and composite legalizer; conforms to all commonly used guidelines for legalization of common TV and film formats; performs legalization, including luminance ring suppression, in composite, YUV or RGB color space or in RGB plus composite; monitoring output includes severity display mode; supplied as a fully operational system for control via Java software panel; controls include three safe-area cursor generators with configurable cursor color, transparency and cursor type plus specialist functions for text height and aspect-ratio measurement; LE-2nU includes 1080p dual-link operation; LE-2nS is an SD version.
+44 20 82 552 015

MediaDirector 2202

System extends Omneon Spectrum server to increase system bandwidth; supports demanding file-based workflow; enables users to construct larger systems to meet higher channel counts and file-transfer requirements; consolidates broadcast operations into a single system; delivers up to 600MB/s of IP bandwidth; supports 24 channels of 50Mb/s MPEG-2 or 12 channels at 100Mb/s; up to 16 MediaPort connections can be made to a single unit using a new Ethernet connection, with each MediaPort connection supporting two to three channels.
+44 1256 347 400;


Extension of the Artbeats stock footage library allows customers to search a large database of clips derived from more than 50 different brands, 20 of which are exclusive; includes footage from providers including Rubberball, A Luna Blue, RocketClips, Steve Gibby and 3D4Medical; content is available in various formats and prices, depending on the brand, and include HD, NTSC, PAL and high-resolution clips up to 4K.
+1 541 863 4429;

Vinten Radamec
Legislative Control System

Multiuser, multifacility camera control system supports complex operations with requirements from manual to fully automated operation; user interface allows manual operation through a touch-screen interface or joystick to target cameras as well as select shots; can be customized and is modular and scalable.
+44 1284 752 12;

Media Distributors
Fusion Drive

Hybrid recorder/asset management system incorporates Constellation VCM asset management and enables automatic content archive; optimized for RED camera workflows; provides secure backup and rapid access to archived video content; includes four 1TB hard drives; enables playout to Blu-ray disc or LTO media; provides for cloning on additional portable hard drives; options include dual quad-core Apple Mac Pro with Final Cut Studio 2 and AJA Kona 3 video capture card; captures all metadata included with video files; maintains linking of project files from online to archive.
+1 877 827 7862


Integrated 3-D cinema or HD camera and visualization system shoots uncompressed raw 2K or HD footage from two synchronized SI-2K cameras controlled through a single Silicon DVR touch-screen interface; delivers filmlike quality that can be instantly edited without proxy conversion or ingest; outputs dual video streams for independent L/R or stereo mixed displays and records directly to a single stereo QuickTime file along with 3-D LUT color and convergence metadata; new features include virtual convergence for live parallax adjustment, a digital slate system with automated scene, shot and take sequencing, project time code conforming and window burn-in and more display modes.
+44 20 7377 2949