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New Products

GefenTV HDMI v1.3 Repeater

Repeater sits between two HDMI cables, allowing the signal to be transferred beyond its 2m specified limit; high-quality visuals with all of the new HDMI v1.3 features, including deep color with DTM Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio formats, are delivered without delay; recommended for shorter-length installations.
+1 818 772 9100;

Shotoku Broadcast Systems

Control panel for the company's remote camera systems expands to support up to 16 camera channels; uses the same features and interface as the company's TR-8S; includes state-of-the-art panel keys, a high-contrast LCD that indicates the current status of all cameras in the system, and clear, bright LED displays.
+44 1784 224 650;

Kahuna 1 M/E
Snell & Wilcox

HD multiformat production switcher offers the performance of the Kahuna production switcher, but at an entry-level price; 3RU mainframe accommodates a 1-M/E card set; enables seamless, real-time mixing of SD and HD video in any format; designed for live mobile, studio and news productions; provides large input and output capacity with four full effects keyers — each with chroma keyer — and resize capabilities.
+44 23 9248 9000

Front Porch Digital

Media performance monitoring system actively collects quality and performance data with each DIVArchive transaction and analyzes whether the information indicates the probability that any individual file-based media object in the system could be at risk; when it determines a particular storage device is at risk, it identifies media objects that might be affected and alerts technical staff to the problem so they can respond before trouble strikes.
+33 4 50 88 37 70;

FreeSpeak 2.0

Intercom system uses digital wireless technology based on a cellular architecture that offers license-free communication; can allow up to 20 beltpacks to roam seamlessly between remote active antennas; new version doubles the system's beltpack capacity; offers increased IFB functionality and improved group operations between beltpacks, party-lines and other external inputs.
+44 1223 815000

TV One

Universal video switcher/scaler provides scaling in any direction between standard video, HD-SDI, DVI or analog computer and HDTV signals; includes features such as picture-in-picture, edge blending, chroma key, luma key, mixing and genlock.
+44 1843 873311;

Fast Forward Video

Cost-effective and easy-to-use DVR for live broadcast production; provides instant, on-the-fly access to video still/clip stores, animated graphics and audio clips in a single compact package; available for either SD or HD (SDI) broadcast; provides large touchscreen controls; supports a 16:9 aspect ratio for HD production.
+1 949 852 8404;


Chroma keyer features two internal video delay lines, an internal still store, and two independent, multilayering downstream keyers; includes an auto chroma key function that makes it possible for even a novice operator to produce clean chroma key effects by automatically adjusting its parameters; minimizes the need for manual fine-tuning by handling skin tones, wardrobe and hair color variations.
+44 20 8391 7979;

Copper C2
Digital Rapids

Data delivery software transfers media and data files faster than FTP; new network topology increases the efficiency of transfers to multiple recipients with multiple simultaneous connections, parallel transfers and simultaneous send/receive.
+44 1428 751012

IP-Probe v3.7
Bridge Technologies

Software upgrade provided as a free upgrade to existing IP-Probe owners; records transport streams into files; extends capabilities of TR 101 290 analysis to provide full DVB, ATSC and PSIP support; features protocol view that provides a breakdown into unicast and multicast streams and the number of unicast streams present.
+47 22 38 51 00

BC-2000 D

Multiplexer inserts and extracts digital or analog, mono or stereo, audio channels in E1/T1/J1 or Ethernet data transmission flows; the audio channels can be linear, or compressed for better use of the link; the link capacities that are not used for audio can be employed for data transport.
+34 91 686 1300;

Vector 750

Features CG range span of 80mm to 250mm; with a maximum payload of 75kg, the system facilitates use of camera accessories such as a talent monitor and spotlights; like the Vector 700, its counterbalance mechanism does not use springs or cams; a system of mechanical linkages balance cameras with various center-of-gravity points, making adjustment simple and eliminating the need for time-consuming cam changes when altering the camera configuration.
+44 1284 752121

HV9100 series
NTT Electronics

Encoder and decoder support both AVC H.264 encoding for SD and HD, as well as MPEG-2 compression; designed for content transmission, including live HD broadcast coverage of sports and news; supports 4:2:2 chroma; features low delay time; supports a maximum of two audio systems, for a total of eight channels of encoding and decoding; the pair can also be used for MPEG-2 encoding and decoding.
+81 45 453 3685


Network video recording system supports synchronized, multistream HD recording up to 10 HD or 20 SD streams and both stream- and time-based metatdata; captures multiple streams simultaneously and can replay these multistream sessions to performance decoders, set-top boxes or soft players; controllable via Web interface or remotely through third-party control systems.
+1 514 334 5445;


Compact and lightweight P2 HD handheld camera features a newly developed Leica Dicomar zoom lens, providing a wide angle; incorporation of the P2 solid-state recording system reduces the camera's weight by 25 percent compared with its predecessor, making it an extremely light, compact HD camcorder and significantly easier for camera operators to handle.
+49 611 235 481

Jampro Antennas

Compact TV mask/filter combiner incorporates four-port directional filter/combining that can be used as a mask filter or as a constant impedance-combining module for high-power UHF TV broadcasts; has a cross-coupled design that accommodates adjacent channels, meets stringent filtering standards and provides constant impedance performance in adjacent channel applications, as well as channel separations greater than 15 channels.
+1 916 383 117;


Camera control unit works with the CamPac 2 HD/SD COFDM camera-back transmitter; expands the features of the CamPac 2 through a software-based data interface that allows the CP2/CC-1 to work with other manufacturer's control panels and command protocols; allows operators to work within a seamless environment between wired and wireless cameras; available in two radio options: licensed 450MHz or unlicensed spread spectrum 900MHz.
+1 908 852 3700


Submersible pan-and-tilt camera housing can be used to a depth of 4m on the Polecam or independently down to 10m; features a carbon fiber support arm that incorporates drainage holds that allow the boom to flood and clear quickly; offers 360-degree pan capability and the same unrestricted movement as a standard Polecam dry head; allows a split O-ring cable gland to be used to seal cables without having to break existing connections.
+44 1234 855 222

Enensys Technologies

Based on the MobiMUX FPGA processing DVB-H IP encapsulator; allows operators to reduce annual OPEX by transmitting useful data from the central headend and building the DVB-H stream at the transmission site; MobiMUX includes the management of multimobile network operator sharing of the same IP encapsulator while guaranteeing bandwidth allocated to each operator; from the central headend, MobiMUX aggregates regional and national content while optimizing bandwidth delivery; at each transmission site, MobiEdge receives the broadcast content and performs DVB-H IP encapsulation.
+33 170 725170;


Luminance display system uses color coding to represent luminance values; allows efficient confirmation of lighting levels without needing complicated waveform representations; highlights are marked in red, mid-gray levels are displayed in green and shadows in blue; user-settable facilities are provided for scale adjustments, allowing the exclusion of specific zones from the display for better user visibility; optional for the LV5800 and LV5380; offered as standard on the LV5330.
+31 40 2645 345;

Viz Video Hub v1.2

Plug-and-play media asset management system provides extended support for the Viz Link workflow and Escenic's Web publishing system; offers an integrated Viz ingest manager module, which automates the recording of incoming feeds onto Viz Engine video servers.
+47 5590 8080;

Linear Acoustic

10-channel TV audio processor features built-in Dolby Digital encoding; includes a loudness controller, upmixer and metadata manager, as well as full-time, two-channel downmixing to support legacy analog paths; built-in AutoMAX processing fixes two-channel audio that is broadcast wrongly signaled as 5.1 channels; accepts 5.1 network audio, two-channel local audio, and digital or analog auxiliary/EAS stereo audio.
+1 717 735 3611


Audio console enables all digital signal processing, power supplies and I/O interfacing to be housed in a compact double rack, which allows the control surface to be mounted on top; available on the Omega and Zeta consoles; designed for use in places where a mobile truck cannot get or is prohibitively expensive to ship, providing high-end broadcast facilities in otherwise impenetrable locations; uses military-spec connectors to ensure fast, reliable and rugged connectivity.
+44 1422 842159;

Inscriber G7

HD broadcast graphics system features a newly designed graphics engine; delivers 2-D and 3-D real-time graphics in SD or HD over two channels; with integrated clips, stills and DVE, the G7 drives third-party specialized applications without needing a separate playout device.
+44 118 964 8000


Archive access tool enables browse copies of material to be created and stored, providing a fast, cost-effective solution for viewing content stored in the archive; features an interface, independent of the archive control system, which could be a production system such as Avid, allowing material to be searched and viewed and then restored back into the online environment.
+44 1489 889 930;

CTV series
Radio Frequency Systems

Center-fed co-linear antennas feature 500W input power rating and 6dB gain; series' four antennas are suitable for multichannel operation and together cover the full range of UHF mobile TV frequencies from 470MHz to 806MHz.
+49 511 676 2731;


AVCHD tapeless professional handheld camera incorporates the design concept of the DVX100 and features a newly developed Leica Dicomar zoom lens, providing a wide angle; weighs 1.7kg; the AVCHD format allows the camera to record HD digital AV data on SD/SDHC memory cards with the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec, providing a robust and convenient tapeless operation.
+49 611 235 481


IP65-rated connector has been upgraded for dust and water jet protection; upgrade extends its outdoor capabilities, making it well suited for mobile trucks and other OB settings; features additional seals and gaskets on the chassis connector and cable ends.
+423 237 2424;

Scopus Video Networks

Network management system meets the fast-paced changes in digital video headend technologies and formats; addresses operator, teleport and broadcaster requirements by managing services and devices across networks, scaling from small headends to large and distributed networks; features IP and ASI routing solutions, a variety of redundancy schemes, drag-and-drop operations for topology and views, and easy integration of third-party devices.
+972 3 9007777;

RF Central

Six-way COFDM diversity receiver features On Screen Display of stream data, Ethernet monitoring for remote-control access and IP encapsulation for Internet broadcast; delivers both SD and HD (SDI) video when paired with a standard or high-definition external ASI decoder.
+1 717 249 4900;


The latest version of the company's subtitle embedding software adds full broadcast-quality, open-caption subtitles in any language to a digital media file as part of a software-only file-based workflow; this new open-caption capability extends the software's functionality to cover traditional burnt-in translation subtitles as well as closed-caption formats (teletext, Line 21 and DVB); works with SD and HD MPEG-2 video files and DVB transport streams.
+ 44 1293 814 200

Portal Media Center
Orad Hi-Tech Systems

Playout system enables the consolidation of live video feeds, clips, stills, 3-D graphics, text and audio within a single playout environment; identifies the on-air source and actively associates assigned textual content to that media without engaging the production switcher, multiple DVE channels, the character generator or the video server.
+972 9 767 6862;


Camcorder offers, at the flick of a switch, the choice of shooting 50i/59.94i/23.98P/25P/29.97P pictures in DV and HD; is balanced to fit a user's shoulder; uses XDCAM Professional Disc, allowing users to mark scenes manually and review scenes by selecting their thumbnail images on the color fold-out screen; using the 50GB Dual Layer Professional Disc, recording times are increased to more than three hours when shooting DVCAM and to 2.5 hours when shooting high-quality HD.
+44 1256 355011

Integrity 600

Modular video and audio processing and distribution modules include the MUX643/683, which processes and reclocks 270MHz to 3Gb/s inputs and can embed/process four/eight AES/Dolby E inputs; the DMX, an HD/SD de-embedder that processes and reclocks 270MHz to 3Gb/s inputs, extracting and processing four AES/Dolby E channels (DMX614) or eight AES/Dolby E channels (DMX618); the MPA617 multipurpose analog distribution amplifier for sync, reference and AES distribution; and the SDA617 SDI distribution amplifier for 270Mb/s monitoring and distribution.
+1 416 385 2323

ProductionVIEW HD

Camera control system handles demanding live broadcast or staging events; integrates PTZ camera control and multiformat HD/SD live switching with real-time graphics and effects into an easy-to-use control console; redesigned surface gives system users real-time knobs and buttons to control functions; produces only one frame of delay — a critical requirement where image magnification is used.
+1 763 971 4419;


Camcorder provides expanded connectivity by incorporating HD-SDI (SMPTE 299M)/SD-SDI (SMPTE272M) output with embedded audio and time code, providing a raw, uncompressed 1.485Gb/s signal for live production environments, SMPTE time code input and output terminals, and a genlock output terminal for multicamera shooting situations.
+31 20 545 8905

Cobalt Digital

HD/SD-SDI RGB color corrector supports offset, gain and gamma, with YCbCr proc controls and frame synchronizer; can process HD/SD-SDI signals in all formats; color correction can be applied to an entire frame or subregion; includes on-card storage of 16 presets.
+1 217 344 1243

OpenMedia 3.5
Annova Systems

Newsroom system offers wire ingest, scripting, rundown and on-air management, as well as integration capabilities that expand journalists' choices for video production, graphics and playout systems with a network of partners such as Chyron, Dalet, EVS, HP, Orad, Sony, VCS and Vizrt; features new Event Calendar module.
+49 89 158 155 0;

Studio Network Solutions

Storage area network sharing system enables computers to concurrently share massive amounts of data over high-speed Fibre and iSCSI storage networks and record and edit directly onto the storage system; requires no servers or metadata controllers.
+1 314 733 0551

C100 HD-L
Solid State Logic

Console offers a preconfigured console and I/O system designed to meet the needs and budgets of local broadcasters; is a 32-fader version of the C100 HD-S slimline console; offers up to 192 audio channels, enhanced ergonomics and more faders within space-restricted control rooms; ideal for news, sports, outside broadcast and post.
+44 1865 842300

Comtech EF

Encapsulates IP data into multiprotocol encapsulation format for distribution over an asynchronous serial interface; well-suited for high-speed data applications; the unit's 1RU rack-mountable platform is equipped with two GigE inputs and dual ASI outputs; is capable of network throughput up to 155Mb/s and an aggregate packet processing of 140,000 packets per second.
+1 480 333 2200;