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GF-Quad Dolly
Grip Factory Munich

Dolly operates on almost all straight or round tracks with skateboard or track wheels; features a quick-release system for changeover to pneumatic wheels and a three-stage steering system that enables front-wheel, four-wheel and rear-wheel steering; can navigate a circle with an 80cm radius in four-wheel mode; includes lockable steering angles to repeat straight or curved moves.
+49 89 31901290;

Messenger IP

System consists of a 1RU encapsulator and 1RU decapsulator; enables broadband IP connectivity between an ENG truck or OB van and the broadcast studio; features trickle mode, in which live video and IP traffic are sent simultaneously and the live video reduces the IP traffic to a rate of 100Kb/s to 1Mb/s; in broadband mode, nearly the entire link is dedicated to IP traffic and the user either turns off the MPEG encoder or removes the video source to the encoder, creating a transport stream nearly full of null packets.
+1 908 852 3700;

Weatherscape XT

Graphical weather presentation technology now features new material editor function that enables users to create weather shows and scenes that are fully customized and change according to meteorological data; simplifies the user interface to enable easy interaction with shader values, which allow better high-res mapping capabilities, realistic lighting effects, textured land and water, and greater integration with weather information.
+64 4 4700 700

MediaVault MV5100

Eight- or 16-drive PCIe SAS or SATA II storage array based on the new PCIe external expansion and cable connection standard expands PC, server or a workstation's core logic PCIe bus outside of the box; features capacities ranging from 2TB to 16TB of high-performance SATA II storage; is capable of achieving in excess of 1GB/s transfer rates when fully populated with SATA II or SAS disk drives.
+1 763 551 4000;

Bright Systems

Features new technologies suited for high-end post applications and broadcasting workflows that require many lower resolution data streams; enables clients to play four streams of 2K from a single workspace; increases the maximum number of data streams to 64 streams of 2K; delivers superior disk recording and playback for uncompressed HD 422 to compressed HD/SD applications.
+1 775 824 8520;


X-Band unbalanced guitar/instrument cable features a heavy gage (20AWG) oxygen-free copper conductor for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance, two densely stranded 95-percent copper braid shields combined with a semiconductive PVC layer to provide exceptional EMI/RF rejection and low triboelectric handling noise and a flexible, easy to strip, abrasion resistant outer jacket.
+1 847 795 9555;

Overture 2

M/E control surface includes operational features in the Opera1-M/E series; incorporates new features, including a look-ahead preview, a complete set of transition options, programmable macro keys, traditional DSKs and a dedicated playback block that enables automated control of third-party products directly from the control panel.
+1 978 715 1020


Multichannel interface for digital mics acts as a power supply and control device; allows mics to be to be synchronized and control data for adjusting gain, polar patterns, hi-pass filter and compression settings to be sent; includes analog line level outputs, the ability to switch the digital phantom power on or off on individual channels, and a free Windows-based software application to adjust the various parameters.
+44 1923 693 756


Transmitter operates on the 2.4GHz wavelength and transmits a single RF carrier — containing time code, IFB audio and remote control signals — to any number of TRX900 wireless systems, giving users the ability to record a group of channels and play them back as a virtual multitrack recording; accepts SMPTE time code and balanced audio at line level; 125mW power output provides a 91m range for transmission of IFB audio and 305m for time code transmission and remote control signals.
+1 973 835 5000;

Bebob Box-HVR

Mounting system for adding Sony's HVR-DR60 portable hard disk recorder to Sony camcorders attaches underneath the camera between the baseplate and tripod plate; features a smooth-glide drawer that provides easy access to the recorder's screen and controls, as well as a quick-lock mechanism that anchors the drawer open; central thumbscrew allows for easy horizontal/vertical adjustment of the rods to accommodate different camera models.
+1 661 295 3313;

Algogear VNR-1000HD/SD

HD/SD video noise reduction cards provide a reprogrammable core, allowing users to repurpose the cards' functionality; increase picture quality when used as a post-processor; can reduce bandwidth requirement when used as a preprocessor to the encoder; allow for two or four independent channels to be processed simultaneously.
+1 514 335 9867;

Radio Meltdown
Blastwave FX

Two-DVD collection contains 2500 effects, including 300 5.1 surround-sound elements featuring music in eight categories: beats, beds, musical elements, production elements, station IDs, stingers, voice-overs and 5.1 surround-sound elements; sounds are recorded at 24-bit 96K and delivered as HD 24-bit 48K WAV, 5.1 surround-sound and MP3 files; collection can be clicked and dragged onto any hard drive, and is catalogued with embedded metadata for easy search and retrieval.
+1 860 967 0973

H4 SuperMINI

Camera-mountable surround microphone features Dolby Pro Logic II encoding technology, an integrated multichannel preamp and monitor, an audio zoom button, an auxiliary center channel microphone input (XLR) for attaching an external shotgun or wireless lavalier microphone, virtual surround headphone output with gain control, and tricolored LED monitor.
+1 416 362 7790

EtherCon Cat 6

Cable solution designed for Cat 6 cables includes a metal housing for RJ45 cable connectors and is equipped with a chuck-type strain relief with a separate push-pull locking mechanism; receptacle accepts a standard RJ45 cable end in addition to EtherCon Cat 6 patch cable; available in custom lengths.
+423 2372424;

GlobalStor Data

Server features a solid-state 64-bit iSCSI and NAS operating system; appears as a local disk drive on any computer connected to the LAN or WAN; allows users on every host system on the network to see and share all stored data; available in configurations ranging from an eight-drive solution with RAID protection onboard, to a 36-drive version with multiple levels of RAID redundancy.
+1 818 701 7771;

Neptune Digital

Digital signage system powered by an ARM9/DSP chipset offers features such as scrolling text, RSS feed support, dynamic pictures/text, user-defined scenario layouts and scheduled playlist and content uploads; includes a LAN connection, but can be upgraded with a USB wireless or Bluetooth dongle and 3G HSDPA device; stores media content on an internal 2.5in hard drive or SD card; can support live video streaming from the server.
+386 5 393 2477

Miranda Technologies

High-quality, 24-bit digital audio processor card processes up to eight discrete channels of audio using four AES inputs/outputs; functions as a standalone discrete audio processor as well as with a range of video cards for processing embedded audio; uses Linear Acoustic upMAX technology to provide high performance stereo to 5.1 conversion; creates an adjustable multichannel signal that is downmix compatible.
+1 514 333 1772

LaChapell Audio

Vacuum tube preamp delivers less than 70dB of gain with a typical nonweighted EIN of -120dB referencing 150Ω load; features a 12AX7/ECC83 tube and a frequency response of 12Hz to 70KHz; uses the Cinemag CMMI-10 or the optional Jensen JT-115k input transformer, with a max output of less than 26dBu.
+1 209 383 3486


Single-layer 8cm Blu-ray write-once (BD-R) and rewritable (BD-RE) discs provide a recording capacity of 7.5GB, allowing the disc to store one hour of full HD picture quality at 1920 × 1080; feature a hard coat layer to protect the recording surface from scratches, dust and fingerprints.
+44 1923 77 7171;

KE 900

Camera receiver features a 24MHz bandwidth compatible with the company's Opus 900 wireless system, an LC display that indicates the battery level of the transmitter, frequency and channel, squelch and AF/RF level; enables users to select one interference-free frequency from 100 preprogrammed UHF frequencies to be transmitted via infrared to a corresponding pocket or handheld transmitter.
+49 7131 617 0

SuperLoader 3A

Autoloader features availability on the LTO tape drive platform, beginning with LTO-3, and a tape-based file system and network-attached storage that is MXF aware; provides up to 6.4TB of high-performance, removable, networked storage; accommodates one or two magazines, each holding eight data cartridges, in a 2RU enclosure.
+44 1344 353500;

RF Central

Rack-mounted receiver operates in 2GHz frequency band and receives SD/HD signals, outputting composite video, HD-SDI or DVB-ASI; features analog, digital and fully embedded audio outputs and a fully upgradeable COFDM decoder; demodulation modes include OPSK, 16-QAM and 64-QAM with auto detection.
+1 717 249 4900;


X-Band double-shielded single-pair analog cable features conductors made from 24AWG oxygen-free copper for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance, a 95-percent TC braid and a 100-percent foil shield for exceptional RF/EMI noise rejection, and an extra flexible, easy to strip outer jacket.
+1 847 795 9555;


Compact, multiformat, eight input/output video switcher works with inputs from most video sources and PCs; outputs to projectors, plasma, LCD, LED dot matrix or CRT displays; features a built-in 10-bit, eight-channel frame synchronizer that eliminates the need to genlock when switching between camera or asynchronous sources; produces a single stream of continuous content for any video application.
+49 611 235 481

Deva 5.8

Hard disk audio recorder system features eight integrated hardware faders, an internal DVD-RAM drive and a Flash media slot; records 10 tracks of audio directly to a CompactFlash card mounted on the control panel for quick, easy transfer; integrates with the Deva Mix-12.
+1 973 835 5000;


Upgrade to solid, ruggedized-protected fiber-optic connector system extends the outdoor capabilities of the system, sealing the connector against dust and water while retaining its IP65 connection; increases the reliability and maximizes the uptime for fiber-optic connection systems; enables up to four copper wires to run power or data signals through.
+423 2372424;

OctaMic II

Preamp features eight-channel 192KHz/24-bit mic/line preamplification; new features include an improved input circuit design that allows for a maximum input level of +21dBu with a gain range from 0dB to 50dB, improved signal to noise ratio, improved THD, larger housing that optimizes heat dissipation, internal wide-range power supply with line filter, stable 48V phantom power and a choice of sync sources: internal clock, AES/SPDIF or Word Clock.
+44 1923 693 756

Imaging Elements
Blastwave FX

Comprehensive HD imaging library with 2500 sound effects on two DVDs contains production elements, logos, distortions, low frequency effects, musical elements, drones, compositions and 5.1 surround-sound elements; sounds are recorded at 24-bit 96K and delivered as HD 24-bit 48K WAV, 5.1 surround-sound and MP3 files; collection can be clicked and dragged onto any hard drive, and is catalogued with embedded metadata for easy search and retrieval.
+1 860 967 0973

UniPatch GigE Patch Panel

Professional-grade patching system with a high-density card frame system based on the company's Direct-Edge LSA-PLUS termination system features Cat 5e channel compliance, Cat 6-compliant patch keyed to ensure proper patching, 21 circuits per panel rated for 30,000 insertions and/or withdrawals, easily removable wire management bar option, normal-through or straight-through availability and test access, patch, cross-connect and monitor functions in 100Ω-balanced transmission systems having a common bit rate and operation up to 1000Mb/s.
+49 30 84 53 18 18;


Digital surround decoder provides a complete all-digital, mic-to-multichannel output surround mic system; allows decoding of SoundField mic or B-format signals to digital 5.1 surround or stereo audio (or both simultaneously) at any sample rate; features five-segment LED input level meters and separate output level controls for each of the six channels in the 5.1 signal.
+44 1924 201089;

Solid State Logic

Translation application enables DAW users to convert session files from one format to another and can handle many commonly used formats, including the latest versions from AES31, Audition, Cubase, Final Cut Pro, Nuendo, OMF, Open TL, ProTools, SADiE, Sequoia, Sonic Studio, Soundscape, Tascam BU and Vegas.
+44 1865 842300

AESX series

Cable series includes single-pair, providing two signal paths and available in 3m to 30m lengths, and eight-pair, allowing for 16 digital signal paths configured with XLR fanouts on each end, 110Ω AES/EBU digital cable assemblies; studio select model features 26-gauge conductors for added flexibility in 3m to 15m lengths, and road-tough model features extra low loss 24-gauge conductors and super durable cable jacket in 3m to 76m.
+1 908 686 7400

Emerge ECMS2000U

New updates to the small form factor digital workstation extension products for users on GigE networks enable users to back-rack broadcast quality servers without affecting post-production operations; deliver high-res digital/analog video, rich color depth and CD-quality audio; compatible with a wide range of user interface devices; includes extension of USB mass storage devices.
+1 256 430 4000;

Globalstor Data

Fibre Channel host 4GB storage solution scales between 16TB and 80TB; expands online capacity at both SAS and SATA II disk levels; features next-generation enterprise dual-disk architecture that simplifies management and growth for a full range of mid to complex applications; includes embedded Web-based GUI; offered in single or dual active controller, both of which run failover/failback operations through onboard redundant data paths to backend dual-ported SAS and SATA disk drives.
+1 818 701 7771;

Instant Replay2
360 Systems

Self-contained production studio and spot player records better-than-CD-quality audio directly to hard disk, edits it and provides playback from 50 hot keys; stores 24 hours of stereo on its large internal hard disk; features a 100Mb Ethernet port for file transfer, 16/24-bit, 44.1/48kHz recording formats, .WAV file support, and balanced +4dBu and unbalanced -10dBV audio I/O.
+1 818 735 8221;