New Products

28nm FPGA

FPGA features embedded HardCopy Blocks that leverage HardCopy ASIC capabilities to harden standard or logic-intensive functions such as interface protocols, application-specific functions and proprietary custom IP; offers faster time to market for designs while reducing cost and power; integrates 28Gb/s transceivers to enable the implementation of next-generation designs on a single chip without the need for external components; partial configuration allows designers to reconfigure part of the FPGA while other sections remain running.

DSW 500 Adaptor

Direct swing-away system provides a pivoting radius of 100mm for comfortable lens change; can be used with all Chrosziel Sunshades and MatteBoxes, particularly with select 2/3in HD/SD format, 1/3in HD format and compact 35mm/full-format chip MatteBoxes, as well as products using the 15mm standard.
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Passive, water-cooled, rear-door heat exchanger is designed to cool up to 30kW per rack; relies on servers to push air through the low-resistance coil; rear-door design allows the unit to retrofit to existing installations and typically doesn't require rearrangement of enclosures, with transition frames attaching directly to the enclosure housing the door that contains the heat exchanger; works in conjunction with a dedicated chiller or a coolant distribution unit (CDU) that connects to the main building chilled water loop; CDU creates an isolated secondary cooling loop minimizing liquid volume and controlling water pressure and flow; provides intelligent monitoring; interfaces with building management systems and Web management tools for high reliability.

FVT/FVR 10D1E series

Fiber-optic transmitters and receivers support 10-bit, digitally encoded, RS-250C, short-haul-quality video, serial data and 10/100 Ethernet on a single optical fiber; offers users a solution for current requirements where high-quality video is needed; provides for future expansion and upgrades that will necessitate the use of Ethernet.

Gekko Technology

3200K and 5600K white light source is a lightweight, portable LED ring light system; works with handheld cameras, mounted on a stabilization system or on a crane or dolly; provides high-quality fill without compromising the dominant or ambient light source; dual- or triple-filter staging are available if required; can mount directly on most lenses as well as 15mm and 19mm bars.
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Axon Digital Design

Multiviewers can handle multiple individual selectable UMD and tally overlays, as well as multiple audio metering and metadata overlay; are modular and expandable per four inuts; current product portfolio contains multiviewers up to 32 channels of 3Gb/s-HD-SDI or HD-SDI in 2RU.

ARG ElectroDesign
Media Combiner 1900EX

Broadcast network adapter is designed for the transmission of real-time video-over-IP sources, as well as DVB-ASI and 2Mb/s G.703 signals over carrier Ethernet and private microwave circuits in ring and meshed topologies; 32Gb nonblocking Ethernet switch with fast redundant-ring technology enables users to attain redundancy switching speeds of less than 5ms per link with no risk of generating broadcast storms; features Qos, CoS, factory configuration of dedicated ring and IGMP ports, and enhanced Layer 2 features for easy installation and operation.

Bridge Technologies
VideoBRIDGE v4.5

Software update introduces new fault tracking capabilities and increased alarm filtering capabilities in the VBC; increases clarity of data presentation for easy monitoring of large volumes of data in multichannel installations with more graphical representations of events in time; features ultrafast searching using a comprehensive range of criteria, enhanced large thumbnail view for instant visual feedback of service output in monitoring overview displays, graphical alarm view for instant, overview of alarms for up to 120 channels per screen with thumbnails and up to 300 in stream view, and alarm scheduling in the VBC, which provides the ability to “wash” alarm events where channel sharing and content switching provoke alarms.
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Media 100
Media 100 Suite Version 1.5

Editing system upgrade includes the ability to create, save and export presets; offers improved media management capabilities, AVCHD import using ClipWrap, faster and more powerful multiclip editing feature, Panasonic P2 frame rate support, and support for Apple's ProRes 4444, LT and Proxy codecs, as well as for Intel and PowerPC-based Macs.


Clock and data recovery (CDR) family includes three variants; GN2010E includes an EML driver; GN2010D includes a DML driver; both combine a dual 10Gb CDR with a limiting amplifier and laser driver as well as integrate the APC loop, reducing the need for external components; GN2012 is a dual 10G CDR with limiting amplifier; all three provide retime support for 8Gb Fibre Channel, allowing a single device to support Fibre Channel, 10Gb Ethernet and OC-192 SONET; enable a sub-1W, CDR-based, 10GigE SFP+ module and a SONET-compliant SFP+ module; use a 3.3V power supply; do not require a reference clock.


Updated advanced hardware testing suite assesses a computer's performance capabilities; based on same technology as CINEMA 4D; includes the ability to more accurately test the industry's latest hardware, including systems with up to 64 processor threads, and a more streamlined interface; testing environment better reflects the expectations on today's production demands; offers a tangible benchmark that incorporates a user's common tasks within CINEMA 4D to measure the performance of a system's processor and graphics card under real-world circumstances; available free via download; can be used on Windows and Mac platforms.
Interactivity Suite

Array of software applications allows users to influence a broadcast in real time and interact with each other; enables media owners and advertisers to track consumers from medium to medium, communicating individually with them and tailoring and optimizing each individual's content and sponsor environment; includes Interactivity Desk, which is a software tool for on-air and off-air editorial control of interactive and participation formats in all media; reads various forms of viewer contribution data; enables the editor to moderate, edit and sort it before submission to the broadcast systems, blogs, Web, STB or IPTV middleware; suite also features Dynamic Content Scheduler, a Windows-based GUI for configuring, deploying and scheduling interactive, automated TV graphics.


Turnkey solution combines the PC content output and real-time Adobe Flash rendering capabilities of VidiGo Graphics with NextComputing's all-in-one portable workstation; features the necessary horsepower to perform live rendering of Flash animations to HD-SDI output and an integrated display.


Cine Follow Focus features a multifunctional, modular design that eliminates the hassle of juggling separate bridge plates as well as a single, easy-to-use snap-on bridge that clamps onto 15mm or 19mm studio rod systems; integrates seamlessly with existing accessories; swing arm can be mounted on either side of the bridge; bridge can slide independently of the support bridge dovetail, increasing mounting options for specialty setups; horizontal sliding adjustment mechanism enables the operator to locate the focus driver gear so the line of sight to the lens witness mark is always clear.


Utility suite is designed to provide simple, cost-effective, powerful functionality; includes ClipTool Pro, a Windows-based software application that features an easy-to-use GUI to monitor and control playout and record functionality for an Omneon Spectrum media server; provides control for ingest, quality assurance and playout operations with VTR-like control panel.

Boris FX
Boris Job Slate

Apple Final Cut plug-in automatically creates commercial slates based on XML files received from the Ad-ID advertising identification and management system; saves production time and reduces operator error by eliminating the need for manual text entry with a standard text tool; features include customizable text, custom backdrops, global adjustment of size and position of text, and a watch folder to assist in locating XML files.

NSX series

Multipin rack and panel connector series includes size 10 contact to complement legacy size eight and size five range; offers greater density; available in standard crimp termination and solder tails for printed circuit card applications; new layout possibilities are coded as 13T13 with 13-contact size 10, 18T18 with 18-contact size 10 and 15T6Q2 with two-contact size eight, seven-contact size 16 and six-contact size 10; size 10 contact can be either concentric twinax or triax type; size eight can be coax, concentric twinax, triax or quadrax; size 16 contact is power.

Schneider Optics
Century 5-Filter Kit

Filter kit combines an easy-to-use filter holder and five Century 4in by 4in filters; holder attaches to the lens via an interchangeable adapter ring, which screws onto the threads at the lens front, and clips securely into place using a smooth, quick-release, spring-loaded mechanism; holder can be rotated to any angle, retain two filters and is compatible with DV and film cameras; filters slide into twin slots on the top and bottom of the system.


Transport stream monitor enables engineers to monitor compressed audio, video and data services on any satellite network; supports ASI, SMPTE 310M, 8-VSB, QAM and Ethernet physical inputs; reports transport stream status on the physical layer, protocol and AV levels; monitors quality of service parameters; delivers the results in a straightforward way.

Marshall Electronics

Lightweight, 5in, 800 × 480, camera-top/portable field monitor with HDMI offers standard features, including a wide variety of formats and markers, four user-configurable, front-panel function buttons, RGB check field/field detect, RGB gain and bias control, false color and peaking filters, image flip, freeze frame, and HDMI auto color space and ratio detect; can be battery powered in the field using four AA batteries or the included power supply; bottom 1/4in-20 mount allows the unit to be mounted to most DSLRs, cranes and jibs.

Social TV Apps

Tools to deliver compelling interactive, video-rich media applications for mobile, Web and connected TV; can be used to create and schedule unique, interactive video sequences that can boost viewing and community engagement while generating revenues; revenue-generating apps include contests, pools, quizzes or sweepstakes through opt-in forms, in-app purchases and e-commerce links; offer the ability to launch video boutiques with video sequences or live streaming including banner and companion ads, as well as social interaction among shoppers; allow viewers to fully participate in programs with various interactive widgets.

Adtec Digital

Cloud-based, dynamic PSIP scheduling and delivery service offers multiformat, electronic program scheduling and delivery service over the Internet with no equipment to set up and maintain and no cost for access to the programming data; integrates seamlessly with Adtec DTA3050 series multiplexer as well as third-party PSIP and SI generators capable of XML format consumption; enables users to create and upload their own program listings or take advantage of more than 100 North American network programmers that provide data to Adtec's servers on a daily basis.

ExceLED 25

25W LED fixture provides a concentrated beam of light with even coverage of consistent 3200K light; additional control and effects can be achieved with the gel frame and barn door accessory options; features 40,000-hour life through precision heat sink design and optimum LED driving; provided standard with power cord and choice of C-clamp or stand adapter; adjustable mounting yoke allows rotation and can be locked in place; units may be ordered in dim and non-dim configurations.

Noga Griffin Arm

Articulating arm can hold 10lbs at full extension; features variable-friction load adjustment and a flip level with safety catch that releases with one turn of the arm's three joints at once; overall length is 22in and is made up of two equal-length arms and three articulating joints; can be mounted on a light stand or anywhere else with a grip clamp; each arm has a 5/8in pin threaded at the ends in 1/4in-20 and 3/8in-16, respectively, for additional mounting options.

Roland Systems Group
V-Mixer software v2.1/1.1

Software update v2.1 for M-400 and v1.1 for M-380 adds S-4000M functionality, as well as user-requested features; features include enabling distribution of multiple I/O units around a location, venue or stage for flexible V-Mixing system configurations, selecting whether to mute aux sends and/or direct outs when input channels are muted, adjustment of gate and compressor parameters using EQ area control knobs, access to three user fader layers and patchbay assignment icons that have been changed to show signal flow direction; available as a free Web update.

ProConsultant Informatique

Business management system provides an intelligent, robust business-oriented architecture for simultaneously managing and scheduling program assets across multiple linear and nonlinear outlets, including VOD, mobile and other services; includes new, updated and customizable GUIs with modules for streamlining nonlinear production; incorporates essential program information in its centralized database, including rights, contracts, scheduling and all associated metadata through its lifecycle; allows secondary event scheduling; serves as a control and information hub for data exchange.
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Front Porch Digital
DIVAsolo v4

Updated content migration system combines a SAMMA Solo encoding appliance with DIVArchive CSM solution and DIVAdirector MAM; features Apple Final Cut and Avid Interplay integration, direct VTR control, automatic shot list generation, key frame extraction, dynamic metadata collection, full desktop Web browser access to all migrated assets and an LTO-based data tape robotic system; incorporates new features of DIVAdirector v4.1, including a simplified browser interface, support for identification and retrieval of clips with noncontiguous time code, partial restore format auto-detection, and enhanced and simplified management of remote proxies.

XStream v6.0

Update to shared-storage solution includes optimizations for DPX workflows, user groups for simplified administration, managed and unmanaged space capabilities, media space renaming feature, support for the latest versions of Netatalk and Samba, a new GUI, integration of solid-state drives, and support for dual-port 10GigE cards.


Broadband, 3-1/8in, four-port, motorized coaxial switch is designed for any VHF or UHF broadcast application from 54MHz to 862MHz; features a coplanar design that simplifies interconnecting transmission-line requirements and allows for more compact equipment configurations with fewer expensive elbows; switch rotation is performed by a precise Geneva Drive mechanism that maintains optimum transmission system performance by ensuring a precise 90-degree rotation during each activation; available with 110VAC or 240VAC drive motor and control voltages of 12VDC or 24VDC.

iCR Smart Ingest

System combines high-quality SD/HD ingest with automatic assisted QC in a single system; allows tape content to be efficiently and reliably used in workflows based on central storage solutions, including SAN- and NAS-based architectures; performs a wide range of automatic quality tests on video, audio and time code and generates easy-to-read reports that detail the nature and position of an error with a thumbnail of the frame where it occurred.
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Digital Nirvana
MonitorIQ 2.0 BMS

Monitors and records broadcast TV programming; can be customized to record based on time block, channel or episode in addition to nonstop recording for compliance logging purposes; combines functionality of content recording, content search, retrieve and repurposing, Web publishing, signal monitoring, aircheck logging, archiving, ad verification and tracking, and competitive analysis in a scalable, networked appliance with a Web-based user interface; features the ability to search any text within a facility's as-run/traffic logs and go directly to the video at that time, ingest overnight ratings and provide a hyperlink into the video for each of the data points; integrates with Statmon Technologies' AXESS management platform; HD-SDI version enables the ingest of four HD-SDI inputs and supports PAL/NTSC, ATSC, QAM, DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S and HD-SDI; maintains embedded metadata that is not broadcast with the recording.


KVM extension solutions extend high-resolution displays using DVI and USB 2.0 peripherals up to 200ft; CAT5-1600HD extends one display with up to four peripherals using one dedicated cable (Cat 5/6) for peripherals and one Cat 6a cable for the display; CAT5-5600HD extends two displays with up to four peripherals using one dedicated cable (Cat 5/6) for peripherals and two Cat 6a cables for both displays; computer cables are connected directly to the sender unit, while workspace devices are connected directly to the receiver unit; sender and receiver units are linked by two or three cables with no image degradation or loss.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems
M7CL v3.01 software

Digital audio console software update includes a channel select/send on-fader option, as well as a conversion button on the system setup dialog box; features include recall safe parameters (input patch, output patch, direct out patch and insert out patch) and VCM effects (Comp 276/276s, Comp 260/260s, Open Deck, EQ601); omni Channels 1-8 can be used for talkback.

HaiVision Network Video
Makito AIR

Compact, ruggedized version of commercial, off-the-shelf MAKITO system delivers HD H.264 encoding at up to 1080p60 resolution; supports core feature set of MAKITO, such as HD encoding performance of less than 55ms, as well as real-time metadata; can incorporate key length value and cursor on target metadata into the MPEG streams according to standards set by MISB.


High-bandwidth, scalable storage appliance brings the simplification of a NAS server to the SAN environment by combining Fibre Channel and iSCSI block-level connections with multiuser network sharing; removes storage and partition size limitations to deliver ease of use and flexibility while featuring more efficient crossplatform collaborative editing and shard media storage; enables users to designate their virtual volumes as multiuser write (file or block level) for an optimal combination of performance and workflow and removing many of the configuration complexities common in iSCSI and Fibre SANs that do not allow shared drive volumes; incorporates ZFS file system; is scalable from 8TB to 96TB.

Gravity LiveEdit

Real-time, nonlinear editing system delivers the power to modify a program's content while keeping within pre-existing time schedules for live and near-live broadcasting applications; provides users with fast, simple editing capabilities to manipulate a live stream as it is repurposed and rebroadcast; enables recording streams to be appended, inserted, overlaid and replaced into the timeline at any point, as well as the independent editing of audio and video streams to create split audio “L” cuts; includes a real-time timeline and user-adjustable time delay.

TV One

High-performance, HD, multiformat, quad-color LCD monitor provides four 4.3in, 16:9 displays, high brightness, wide viewing angle, excellent contrast ratio and HD color; features inputs for SD/HD-SDI with an active loop through, analog RGBHV, YPbPr, component video, composite video and YC inputs; supports and automatically detects NTSC and PAL standards; front-panel talleys can be activated externally via DB9 connector; includes adjustable rack mount and on-screen display menu that contains all the necessary controls to adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness, color level (RGB) and other parameters necessary for optimum monitor performance.


Captioning/subtitling control system uses algorithms to determine the optimum point in the workflow at which to bind captions, subtitles and other ancillary data to content; introduces flexibility in captioning and subtitling workflows by automatically assessing whether there is time to ingest data to media servers or on the DAM system; if the system determines that early or late binding is not possible, live systems are directed to perform the binding at airtime; automates selection of the correct encoding method to add captions and subtitles directly to file-based media assets or to handle live binding.


Fiber-optic field transport system houses any product in the MultiDyne line in a portable, 14in cube design; can be configured for as many as 80 HD-SDI, SDI or composite video paths, with 225 AES or analog audio channels; supports DVI, RGB and HDMI; can be AC and battery powered; features an HD monitor and signal generator on either end of the products, which enables users to send the test pattern down the line or to send the signal from the studio end directly to the LiGHTCuBE to monitor the camera output and the signals arriving at the shoot.

Sonnet Technologies
Fusion D800P2

Midlevel, software-configured RAID storage system contains eight hard drives that can be configured in RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 10 sets, as well as JBOD; dual-port multipliers offer high-performance data transfers up to 390MB/s write and 475MB/s read; includes two 2m locking eSATA data cables for the controller connections; features built-in handles, small desktop form factor, Vantec Stealth fan and hot-swappable drive trays.


JPEG 2000-based video gateways are designed for real-time contribution and distribution of broadcast-quality video over IP networks; feature support for high-quality video, robust transmission, very low latency and error concealment performance; each unit can be configured as a receiver or transmitter.


Hardware-based encoder offers 3G/4G wireless network bonding for high-quality HD or SD in a portable form factor to enable live or file-based video acquisition over a variety of low-data-rate networks; uses ACT-L3 codec to capture and encode HD content in 1090i or 720p, at rates up to 20Mb/s, and SD content in NTSC or PAL from 64kb/s to 8Mb/s; features compact, lightweight, rugged chassis with a range of power options including AC and DC connectors, as well as a Li-Poly battery system; users can connect via their choice of network connections ranging from dual Ethernet to WiFi platforms, including bonded 3G/4G mobile broadband devices, browser-capable PDAs and low-bandwidth, portable satellite devices such as BGAN; includes a set of field editing tools.