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New media, streaming products, multimedia/Internet

Harmonic ProStream 4000

Offers real-time transcoding of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC content for Internet, 3G/4G mobile and broadcast mobile TV services; can transcode up to 16 channels simultaneously; features an all-IP infrastructure and flexible software.
Booth: SU7209


Electrosonic ES7100

Enables 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SDI video transmission over IP networks at bit rates of 10Mb/s to 150Mb/s; features PURE3 codec designed specifically for network transmission; provides resilience to network errors with real-time error concealment and constant latency of 70ms; can encode or decode.
Booth: SL9720


Fujitsu IP-9500

Supports HD satellite newsgathering applications that require high picture quality at SD bit rates with low delay; features advanced H.264 compression technology; produces high-quality bit rates of 4Mb/s to 27Mb/s; other features include 300ms low latency, low bit rates, DVB-ASI or IP transports for network flexibility, and full compatibility with industry-standard decoders.
Booth: SU10921


Streambox Store and Forward Server

Supports hundreds of simultaneous video file uploads from field crews, stringers and citizen reporters; provides searchable metadata via a Web-based interface; can be customized to facilitate rule-based transcoding to and from a variety of file formats.
Booth: SU14413


Cisco Eos

A hosted software platform that enables media and entertainment companies to deliver community-driven Web sites, creating more personalized experiences around their content and brands while increasing overall end-user engagement and retention; unlocks unrealized value in media company Web sites by integrating social networking, content targeting, asset management, and site administration features into a robust backend system.
Booth: S214LMR, S213LMR


ATEME Kyrion 2101

An HD MPEG-4/AVC encoder targeting a broad range of DTV applications; features a large operating scale, from 0.5Mb/s to 25Mb/s, with advanced Main and High Profile encoding, allowing bouquet aggregators, broadcasters and IPTV service operators to reach their audience with a high picture quality; offers a complete set of MPEG-4/AVC tools including full support of interlaced video (MBAFF).
+33 1 69 35 89 89;
Booth: SU6326


Nucomm ProQ

An IFB solution for ENG users during DTV transmission, monitoring of DTV signals through a DVB-ASI output, and streaming video over an IP connection to a laptop or other IP-enabled device; measures 5in × 1.75in × 8.5in; features dual UHF/VHF antennas, two advanced silicon tuners and sixth-generation VSB demodulators; contains an MPEG Layer 1/Layer 2 audio decoder that is capable of decoding two independent sound programs, providing up to four audio channels and using bit rates as low as 32kb/s for each.
Booth: C3707


NTT Electronics

Encodes 4:2:2 chroma AVC/H.264 HDTV/SDTV real-time, ultra-high quality video; supports MPEG-2 format to enable smooth migration from current MPEG-2 technology to future AVC/H2.64.
+81 42 796 2496;
Booth: SU11617, SU11723


Bitcentral AirNow!

Streams a live shot from the field without a laptop, software or special training; connects to a camera and streams content directly in real time; uses EvDO to deliver broadcast-quality video; provides a portable wireless hotspot that converts the broadband cellular network to standard WiFi.
Booth: SU913


ViewCast Niagara 2100

Media appliance allows even nontechnical personnel to stream high-quality live video; built-in Web interface simplifies system set-up and operation, allowing complete system control from anywhere on the network; users can simply set streaming parameters from the intuitive interface and then begin streaming in multiple resolutions and bit rates with a single push of the front panel stream button.
Booth: SL12415

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