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New Linear Acoustic unveils AERO.air (5.1)

Linear Acoustic unveiled AERO.air (5.1), part of its new AERO series, at IBC2008.

This range of advanced audio processing solutions is designed to ease broadcasters’ transition to digital broadcasting. The series includes the AERO.air (5.1), AERO.qc ingest quality controller, production audio maximizer and DTV audio loudness manager.

The AERO.air (5.1) 10-channel TV audio processor features built-in Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding. Engineered on the foundation of the company’s first-generation digital TV processors, the AERO.air (5.1) system enables broadcasters to deliver 5.1 channel surround sound while saving time, money and space.

The AERO.air (5.1) solution is equipped with a loudness controller, upmixer and metadata manager as well as full-time, two-channel downmixing to support legacy analog paths.

Built-in AutoMAX processing fixes two-channel audio that is broadcast wrongly signaled as 5.1 channels. The AERO.air (5.1) also includes the new AutoMAXII auto detection algorithm that smoothly and automatically bypasses upmixing when applied content is 5.1 channels.

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