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New K-Tek boom poles offer improved grip

K-Tek has added Soft-Touch grips to its line of Klassic Boom Poles. The grips now have a rubberized feel to give operators a sure hold and more comfortable touch when tightening or loosening the Klassic’s locking collars.

Constructed of thermal composite, the Soft-Touch UV and rain-resistant collars are snugly applied to the poles during the manufacturing process to provide a long life.

Available in many lengths, the shortest pole telescopes from just 1ft 4in (43 cm) to 4ft 11in (125cm), while the longest extends from 4ft 7in (143 cm) to nearly 21ft (640cm).

Each pole is constructed from high-density graphite selected for maximum strength and minimum weight. Telescoping sections are securely connected through the company’s proprietary “captive collet” locking system.

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