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New for IBC2012: Thomson Video Networks Flextream 2.0

Flextream 2.0, the latest development of Thomson Video Networks' statistical multiplexing technology, is the industry's first to achieve greater efficiency by integrating ancillary services within the multiplexing pool.

Flextream 2.0 frees up bandwidth provisioned for the processing of service components such as audio, teletext, subtitling, and closed captioning, allowing it to be reallocated to improve video quality. With Flextream 2.0, users of Thomson Video Networks' ViBE encoders have the capability to activate new Flextream mechanisms to boost overall statistical multiplexing system performance and efficiency while simplifying operations through easier configuration and monitoring.

Flextream 2.0 delivers better bit rate performance and allows greater flexibility of architecture for system deployments involving hybrid statistical multiplexing for all-embracing service delivery, including multilanguage audio and multichannel subtitling. Flextream 2.0 addresses most architectures — in particular, those that carry the communication within the statistical multiplexing pools on the video backbone infrastructure itself — making the system highly fault-tolerant.