New Baron Tornado Index predicts likelihood of twisters

Baron Services has introduced the Baron Tornado Index (BTI), a tornado detection technology that has been used in more than 100 instances to predict the likelihood of a twister.

The Baron Tornado Index is available to existing Baron Services clients who subscribe to the Advanced Data Service Package at no additional charge. The BTI is a ranking on a scale of 0-10 used to gauge the likelihood of a tornado in any given storm. As the BTI increases, the potential for a tornado within that storm goes up.

Using proprietary algorithms combined with high-resolution radar data and advanced mesoscale models, the Baron Tornado Index provides an easy, one-glance diagnosis for a storm’s tornadic potential.

Interpretation of the BTI can be achieved by clicking on any Baron SCIT or by reading color-coded Baron Shear Markers.

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View Baron Weather Services' Tornado Index at NAB2008