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Nevion to unveil enhanced VideoIPath at NAB

At NAB booth SU2019, Nevion will debut its second-generation VideoIPath platform, an integrated hardware/software system for delivery of managed video and audio services.

VideoIPath now brings the ability to control network routing between media edge devices, providing network operators with the flexibility to control network redundancy, bandwidth allocation and divert traffic around link failures, using multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) or virtual local area networks (VLAN).

VideoIPath now also offers the ability to manage network element inventory for centralized supervision and maintenance functions. Virtual element management provides the ability to access equipment using in-band management, removing the need for dedicated management connections particularly for remote locations or customer premises.

Nevion is also unveiling a new broadcast-oriented user interface at NAB, providing broadcasters with a highly intuitive way to provision and schedule connectivity across the network. The new control surface is designed for broadcast and service provider customers alike.

Nevion's universal IP transport module (VS902), providing multichannel encapsulation of compressed — through low-latency, visually lossless JPEG compression — or uncompressed signals for highly protected video-over-IP service remains a highlight of the system. Streaming Intelligent Packet Switching (SIPS) developed by Nevion, is also integrated into VideoIPath, ensuring an even greater level of protection than FEC through perfect protection switching using dual network feeds.

The new Ventura VS906 system, providing multichannel audio and data encapsulation for maximum bandwidth efficiency, is also integrated into the new VideoIPath release.

VideoIPath is a fully integrated system, providing IP video transport for contribution networks with comprehensive, end-to-end control, monitoring and management — all from one interface. The platform's managed video services encompass complete provisioning, connection management, bandwidth optimization, analytics and network inventory.