Neutrik supplies connectors to PodSqod

Neutrik provided an assortment of its XX series and EMC-XLR connectors to PodSqod, a production company that creates demonstrations of broadcasting techniques, including software and hardware equipment demonstrations as they apply to podcasting.

PodSqod chose Neutirk to help eliminate audio problems, including EFI and RFI interference, which cause hum and noise.

PodSqod Studios, based in Orlando, FL, is part of the media umbrella corporation Studio1AProductions. The company has produced more than 110 editions of its popular “Morning Edition” show and is syndicated worldwide via Apple iTunes.

The PodSqod Studio 1A includes Auralex AudioTile sound reinforcement and an impressive list of gear from many of the industry’s leading professional audio manufacturers, including Aphex, Yamaha, Dorrough, Symetrix, Telos, TASCAM, Marantz and Alesis. The post-production studio is ProTools based with a PreSonus Eureka channel strip along with a dual-processor G5 Mac.

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