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Neutrik brings consumer connectors to professional space

The use of USB, Firewire and HDMI is no longer reserved for home entertainment. Neutrik has developed a rugged multimedia series of connectors to stand up to the rigors of daily audio production.

The company said USB and Firewire connections are ideal for audio networking and the integration of computer-based equipment into audio systems. The Neutrik USB 2.0 (A-B reversible) and Firewire feedtrough chassis connectors can be easily integrated into audio networks as they offer the same universally accepted D-size housing as Neutrik’s XLR receptacles.

By combining the USB cable and chassis connectors, the connection becomes lockable and water resistant. The intuitive use of the push-pull locking device offers high handling comfort. In addition, the cable connector offers a shielded connection with high noise immunity and EMI protection.