Neutrik announces XIRIUM digital wireless audio network

Neutrik has undertaken intensive research looking into the subject of wireless audio data transmission.

The vision of a wireless transmission system between two connectors and to transmit audio signals in studio quality has been turned into reality by Neutrik with the help of the innovative DIWA (digital wireless audio) technology and the product XIRIUM, a digital, wireless, audio network.

XIRIUM combines digital transmission and receiving lines in one system and delivers the highest sound quality, unique reliability and ease of handling.

Due to the ease of set-up and the automatic frequency management, the search for free frequencies and the selection of channels no longer apply. With XIRIUM, a bidirectional audio network can be built up in which the signal sources and signal receiver can be integrated wirelessly.

A 4-channel basis unit (XIRIUM TRX) together with mobile transmission (XIRIUM TX) and receiving units (XIRIUM RX) give first access to the XIRIUM network. With an extension unit the network can easily be upgraded to a total of 8 channels. Allocation and the selection of input and output channels are flexibly configurable and allow the versatile use of the network.

The professional multichannel wireless network XIRIUM combines digital transmit and receive paths with the utmost sound quality, unique reliability and easy installation and operation. It is based on the future-oriented DIWA (Digital Wireless Audio) technology within the 5GHz frequency band and will allow you to set up audio networks in which sources and receiving units can be integrated wirelessly.