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Net Insight access module enables 1080p high-res HD video

Net Insight unveiled the newest addition to its Nimbra 600 series multiservice switches, an eight-port 3Gb/s video access module, at CommunicAsia 2008 in Singapore. The new module addresses quality of service (QoS) arising from limited transport bandwidth that restricts most broadcast and contribution networks using 1080p HD video to 1080i HD resolutions.

Unlike solutions offering point-to-point 1080p distribution only, Net Insight’s new module enables uncompressed routing and multicasting of 3Gb/s SDI services in all network topologies. Each of the module’s eight ports can be configured for input or output. This combines with the 10Gb/s bidirectional capacity of each Nimbra 600 slot, allowing up to three 3Gb/s input streams and three 3Gb/s output streams per module.

The Net Insight 3Gb/s video access module can also be used for 1.5Gb/s HD and 270Mb/s SD-SDI transport to deliver mixtures of 1080p, 1080i, 720p and SD signals from a single Nimbra switch. Seven modules can be added per Nimbra 600 series switch to deliver up to 56 universal video ports for optimal customization. Each stream is transported independently in secured logical channels for maximum efficiency and QoS. Future versions of the module will include support for JPEG2000 and will be able to compress video streams for efficient transport bandwidth use.

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