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NBC connects crews in Beijing with RTS

For the 2008 Olympics, NBC is using intercom provider RTS’ VoIP technology combined with Intelligent Trunking to create a global communications network. The increased use of trunking and RTS RVON VoIP technology, which includes remote managment capabilities, allows NBC to streamline overseas communication for a smoother production process.

The vast communcations system securely linked production personnel in New York with those in Beijing. The trunked intercom system at NBC in New York has 24 trunked intercom systems that are used daily and extensively during the games.

More than 500 production personnel used 30 RTS intercom systems trunked together simultaneously.

About three months prior to the opening ceremonies, the network set up four intercom systems that are interconnected in Beijing: the boxing arena (The Worker’s Gymnasium), the main sports International Broadcast Center, the NBC newsgathering facility, and the locations where NBC’s “Today” show and “Nightly News” broadcast from.

NBC also had six mobile units connected via RVON-I/O at each venue.

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