Nativ partners with Dolby Labs for encoding and audio analysis for multiscreen delivery

Nativ, a content services company specializing in media management and workflow automation, has partnered with Dolby Laboratories to provide Dolby encoding and audio analysis for any platform or device using Nativ’s newly launched Mio On Demand service.

The new solution will allow content owners to encode in Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse and utilize a range of advanced analysis tools to provide the highest quality audio visual experience for multiscreen television.

Dolby’s professional preprocessing and encoding tool, Dolby Media Generator has been integrated with a workflow and delivery tool and will enable a greater number of content owners to access Dolby’s advanced audio technologies as well as all the benefits of Nativ’s MioEverywhere platform, without the capital expenditure.

Mio On Demand, which is based in a secure “private cloud,” will allow users to scale up or down as required as usage costs vary according to the volume of ingested, stored, repurposed and distributed content. It is based on Nativ’s signature MioEverywhere media management platform — a video and audio logistics solution designed to help content owners exploit every channel and device available. The private cloud-based solution represents an entirely new way of accessing the Mio platform.v