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NAB2007 Hosts Telecom Conference

Tackling the emergence of video offerings from the world's telecom companies, NAB is launching Telecom@NAB2007, a new conference series and exhibition for telecom professionals and network operators.

NAB is co-producing Telecom@NAB2007 with telecom industry consultants Lightbulb Communications, headed by former NAB and USTelecom executive John Abel. The new conference series takes place April 16-18, in conjunction with NAB2007 in Las Vegas.

"Telecom@NAB2007 is about digital video technology, learning, networking with other telecom professionals, and developing joint business ventures leveraging the content of local broadcasters everywhere," said Abel. "It is also the place where telecom service providers can find out what their competitors in the video marketplace are doing."

Telecom@NAB2007 will address the needs of telecom professionals, entrepreneurs and network operators who are deploying next-generation video networks or plan such rollouts in the future. The conference series will tap into "the world's largest marketplace of professional electronic media tools and technologies," and interact with content owners and creators representing the broadcasting and film communities.

There are five distinct elements to Telecom@NAB2007. Telecom technology papers by industry leaders will be presented Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18. The Broadband Video Conference, concentrating on acquisition and manipulation of content, including case studies, will take place Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 18, a select group of telecom professionals will present the Telecom Video Production Crash Course, with the basics from camera and format selection to editing, rendering, compression, encoding, and distribution.

Telecom@NAB2007 will also feature Telecom Supplier Exhibits, an area of exhibits dedicated to IP and broadband video. Lastly, the conference will offer specialized show floor tours. Advance registration is required.