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NAB Show Product Review: Satellite & Remote

Talk about options for moving content around—there was just about any flavor that you could want at the 2014 NAB Show.


ABE ELETTRONICA SRL displayed their “RXS” series DVB-S/S2 multistream receiver for backhauling and contribution.

BLANKOM USA brought along their AQAMOS family of eight-channel QAM modulators that feature IP input and up to eight satellite tuners. Also shown was the A-PALIOS compact modulator that generates up to eight analog streams in NTSC or PAL from IP, ASI or DVB satellite sources.

CLEAR CHANNEL SATELLITE featured their Romantis UHP high-throughput VSAT platform that includes software-selectable, universal functionality to support SCPC links, along with hub-centric TDM/ TDMA and hubless TDMA networking.

Dawnco’s John Joslin holds up a fiber-optic transmitter that passes signals from four LNBs on one single-mode fiber and a receiver that takes one single-mode input and sends to four LNB RF outputs. DAWNCO demonstrated their D5500 satellite receiver decoder designed for all broadcast applications, including IP, satellite, and cable headends. The company also showed their satellite TI filter and an LNB with ±5 kHz stability.

DEKTEC DIGITAL VIDEO B.V. spotlighted the DTA-2115 and the all-standard PCIe modulator with support for ATSC, QAM, DVB-C2, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, CMMB, DTMB, DVB-S, DVB-S2, ISDB-S and DAB+ modulation.

INMARSAT demonstrated their IsatHub smart device connectivity service, along with their IsatPhone 2 which features a rugged handset and eight hours of talk time.

NEWTEC launched their DVBS2X product line. It provides new capabilities, including lower roll-offs, very high carrier- to-noise ratios and more.

QUINTECH debuted the RBM3000, a 32 x 32 heterogeneous matrix that features bidirectional 32 x 32 switching for L-band, IF-band, GPS, broadband, 4G/LTE and HPSA+signals.

VIKING SATCOM spotlighted their 3.8-meter motorized dual-axis VSAT antenna system and also their dual-axis upgrade for existing antennas. The company also demo-ed their 2.4-meter “quick deploy” antenna, along with a 1.2-meter fast deployment “Manpack” antenna system.

VISLINK brought their Mantis MSAT, a one-man portable sat terminal for delivering HD video broadcast signals from anywhere in the world. Also on display was the NewSwift 2.4 motorized antenna system, which includes full remote control and can be deployed in less than five minutes.

WORK MICROWAVE showed off the DVBS2 broadcast modulator, along with the IP-Modem SK-IP for optimizing throughput and increasing network bandwidth.


ABE ELETTRONICA SRL showcased their DML series of digital microwave links for fixed and mobile applications.

In the outdoor display area between the Central and South Halls, Accelerated Media Technologies showed several ENG trucks with their antenna masts standing tall. These trucks are all awaiting delivery to clients.ACCELERATED MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES displayed their next-generation broadcast truck platforms, including 11 new models.

AMIMON brought along their Sky link high-performance wireless HD system and their Live Link outdoor wireless HD solution for capturing events from 200 meters away.

BMS spotlighted their NTxx23-S sidepanel COFDM transmitter for Sony’s HDC- 2400 or HDC-2500 series of HD cameras. Also shown was the NT5723HD wireless camera back transceiver kit, the DR2957- HDM monitor-back COFDM receiver, the Heli-Coder 4 (HC4) airborne video transmitter and the DR6000MK2 six-way diversity COFDM receiver.

COBHAM brought along the Niño HDTX wireless HD transmitter suited for POV and body-worn applications.

Frontline Communications displayed a number of trucks.FRONTLINE COMMUNICATIONS displayed their Nissan NV SR full-frame V-8 chassis vehicle complete with a MEPS 6.3 KW AC generator, 13,500 BTU air conditioner, 30-foot mast and more.

GEFEN showed its GefenTV Wireless for HDMI, which operates at 60 GHz and delivers 1080p HD content up to 10 meters away.

INTEGRATED MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGIES(IMT) arrived with the Nucomm Range Booster Amplifier for increasing the power of camera-back and portable transmitters from 200 mW to 1 Watt. The company also hosted a fully functional Accelerated Media Technologies news truck from Los Angeles-based Pacific Television Center (PacTV). The vehicle was equipped with IMT’s Nucomm Newscaster VT7.4 HD/ SD ENG/SNG/OB van transmitter, among additional high-end gear.

The company also unveiled an ENG motorcycle, featuring a Kawasaki KLR650 SE outfitted with IMT’s Nucomm CPTx-II Compact Portable Transmitter (CPTx-II). A camera can be mounted on the motorcycle or an ENG camera can be used by the reporter to capture images on the move.

NEP launched “The Wall,” an Apple iPad app that enables fast and easy configuration of complex monitor walls in customers’ mobile production units. Developed by NEP Labs, it allows any user to configure monitor walls with drag-and-drop selection from a variety of monitor layouts and any of the available video sources.

ROSS VIDEO, which announced the launch of Ross Mobile Productions (RMP) at the show, unveiled their OT1 compact production vehicle which features an integrated Carbonite switcher and XPression Graphics core. This Mercedes Sprinter-size vehicle can deliver fiber and Triax camera capabilities and includes an advanced communication system and dual-user eight-channel replay system.

SIS LIVE and BROADCAST SPORTS INC.(BSI) collaborated to bring SIS Live’s latest VSAT product, the ManPak 100 to the show. It captures live video from a camera-mounted transmitted up to 1.5 km away.

SILVUS TECHNOLOGIES debuted the StreamCaster 3822 wireless MIMO transceiver with COFDM and true 2x2 MIMO and mesh networking capabilities. Also shown was the StreamCaster 3800 wireless MIMO transceiver with COFDM and 4x4 MIMO.

VISLINK brought along their NewStream mobile transmit system that combines both licensed and unlicensed RF technologies. Also shown was the AirCam Max which provides live high-quality HD/SD video/audio transmission from a camera-back unit.


BOXX TV highlighted the latest updates to its Zenith long-range wireless ENG transmitter, which has reduced latency from four to two frames, keeping the signal in sync. The company also demonstrated a new SDI loop feature for its Meridian zero delay transmitter, allowing it to support two monitors.

BROADCAST INTERACTIVE MEDIA featured the BIMvid Mobile Reporter App for iOS and Android. It allows reporters to publish and manage video directly from their smartphone or tablet.

COMREX highlighted its Liveshot HD Video IP Codec, a two-way video/audio IP codec that eliminates the need to carry extra equipment, or a backpack, for remote interviews and ENG. It provides full duplex, very low latency, HD/SD video and audio over the public Internet.

DEJERO exhibited their Live+ NewsBook Software for Mac which enables users to transmit live video feeds or recorded and edited files. The company also announced the launch of Dejero LIVE+ Cloud Server, which requires no additional hardware and receives video streams from any field-based Dejero LIVE+ transmitter and transcodes them for publishing to the Internet.

JVC announced a firmware upgrade that adds Zixi advanced streaming capabilities to its GY-HM650 mobile news camera. The 3.0 upgrade also adds the Extreme High Quality (XHQ) mode, which offers virtually lossless 50 Mbps H.264 recording to the GY-HM650 and GY-HM600.

LIVEU debuted the 2.2-pound LU500 high performance connectivity solution. Also showing was the LiveU Xtender integrated antenna, LU400 portable HD video uplink device, LU-Smart, which bonds internal Wi-Fi and cellular connections, and the LU70, which bonds up to 14 3G/4G LTE WiMAX and Wi-Fi modems. LiveU also announced that its LU-Lite live video transmission software is now fully integrated and certified to work over the Inmarsat BGAN Network.

STREAMBOX debuted a real-time full resolution ACT-L3 4K UHD software and hardware encoder/decoder, offering rates from 4 Mbps to 30 Mpbs. Also new was the cloud-based Streambox Live Service and the Streambox iOS app as well as the Streambox Drone, a miniature mobile bonder encoder weighing only 3 ounces. The company also demonstrated ACT-L4 advanced compression technology featuring high-motion video at lower data rates.

Dan Sorensen demonstrates how someone in the field would use TVU Social to capture a still from a live stream and post it to Twitter.TVU NETWORKS launched TVU Social, a new social media platform that enables social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, etc. to be integrated into the TVUPack newsgathering workflow. Also new was TVU MLink, a series of rack-mountable cellular uplink transmitters designed to deliver high quality professional live video transmissions from OB vehicles and remote fixed locations. The company also announced a partnership with Vislink to deliver a full suite of robust IP video and wireless solutions.


AXON showed off LivePack, a foldable flight pack for mobile live production applications with Synapse infrastructure.

UNIFIED VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES demonstrated their video production flight packs which are designed for quick-deployment and multi-city productions with tight timelines.