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NAB Show Product Review: Cable & Fiber

There didn’t appear to be any lack of interest around “connectivity” exhibitors at this year’s NAB Show. Cable was as popular as ever; fiber is running neck and neck with cable; and connector vendors were ready for either modality.


CANARE introduced their LF2SM9N (9.2 mm) and LF-2SM7N (7 mm) cables which offer enhanced flexibility robustness. Also shown was a small diameter coax— L-2.5CHLT—that’s 30 percent lighter than a lot of widely used cable.


CANARE showed off their SMPTE/Triax connector panel which accepts up to eight SMPTE and/or triax connectors, along with BCJ-BPLH2PA and BCJ-BPLH- 3PA PCB BNC mount receptacles.

FISCHER CONNECTORS introduced a new 10-pin layout for their UltiMate Series 07 product, a high-density miniaturized version.

NEUTRIK USA displayed their etherCON ruggedized RJ45 CAT-5e and CAT-6 connectors, along with audio, HDMI, USB, Firewire, and 75-ohm rear Twist BNC connectors.


ARTEL VIDEO SYSTEMS showcased their DigiLink platform for transporting video and Ethernet across fiber and optical networks. Also shown was a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy JPEG2000 compression system for transforming HD-SDI into ASI.

BARNFIND TECHNOLOGIES debuted their new BarnMini-01 and 02. The BarnMini- 01 provides 2x BNC RX7TX and 1x SFP, while the BarnMini-02 comes with 2x SFP, and is optimal for converting multimode to single-mode fiber, as well as single-mode to multimode.

Steven Lassen demos the Lemo HD Z-Link fiber optic camera system. COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALTIES highlighted their Fiberlink 3500 Series fiber for 4K/UHD. It supports 4K/60 on one fiber, or as many as four independent 3G/HD/ SD-SDI or ASI signals. Also showing was the Fiberlink 7600 for HDMI which transmits single-link HDMI with embedded audio over a single fiber with resolutions up to 1600 x 1200.

CORNING showed off their Thunderbolt optical cables which feature 10 Gbps bidirectional, dual-channel performance.

ETL SYSTEMS introduced its new range of RF-over-fiber products. Featured was the StingRay, a high-density 1RU rackmountable chassis that houses up to 16 hot-swapable transmit and receive modules. Also show was ETL’s 128x128 high density Vulcan switching matrix.

GEFEN showed off their DisplayPort Extender, over two LC Fibers, featuring two LC-terminated, multimode fiber optic cables to connect an audio/video source to the extended display. Also shown was an extender for HDMI 4k Ultra HD over fiber.

GEPCO demonstrated the HDC720HD 7 mm Hybrid Fiber Cable. Features include a 25 percent size reduction and a 40 percent reduction in weight.

GRASS VALLEY introduced the Telecast CopperHead 3404K camera transceiver, which is 4K UHD-ready. It requires only two fiber strands for carrying all bidirectional signals and handles up to four 3 Gbps HD/SDI paths.

IHSE USA brought along their 482 Series Dual Link DVI extenders and the 481 Series (HDMI + KVM) extenders for fiber optics or Cat-X. Also there, the 480c Series (compact) fiber optic matrix switch frames for eight to 80 ports, and their Matrix Grid firmware for managing up to 16 matrices.

JOSEPH ELECTRONICS showed their DFT- 8 and DFT-12 configurable digital fiber transport systems designed for ENG, sporting events or anywhere a simple point-to-point system is required.

LEMO USA displayed their self-latching 3K.93C HDTV fiberoptic connector, along with their HD Z-Link fiberoptic camera link system for multichannel audio and video. Also shown was the Meerkat triax-to-fiber media converter, the Serbal four-channel multiplexer, and the Shack SMPTE cable-to-single-mode optical fiber adaptor.

LYNX brought along their OTX 1712 compact analog sync or NTSC/PAL composite video-to-fiber transmitter, along with their ORX fiber optic receiver. For CWDM, they offered the OTX 1742 compact analog sync or NTSC/PAL composite video-to-fiber optical transmitter.

MultiDyne’s Matt Watkins lifts “The Bull Dog,” a field fiber transport system.MULTIDYNE showed off the Dingo, a new fiber transport card set. Also demoed was the LightningSwitch that does optical routing and uses highly reliable piezoelectric DirectLight beamsteering technology. Also featured was the Bull- Dog field fiber transport system that’s designed with a compact rugged package.

NEVION showcased Flashlink NG, which brings fiber and IP together into the same system for flexible, dynamic transport and processing. New components included a 2RU modular, high density-compact frame along with IP-readiness.

NEUTRIK demonstrated their opticam- SWITCH 8x4 fiber optic and power camera switch and the opticalCON fiber optic system that’s available in Duo, Quad, and MTP versions.

OPTICOMM EMCORE debuted their Eclipse HD for HDMI/USB over IP/Ethernet and Genesis XD product, an all-in-one digital media distribution platform for 4K and 8K UHD.

QUINTECH brought along their Dev 7113 Intelligent Optribution chassis for optical transmission, reception and distribution of RF signals via fiber. Also on display was Qunitech’s new outdoor chassis for four desktop Optribution modules.

RIEDEL introduced v2.0 of its MediorNet platform includes robust video router functionality with switching delays of less than 40 milliseconds, as well as high-speed rerouting that allows as many as 1,000 connections to be redirected in less than a second. MediorNet 2.0 also introduces Studer ALink compatibility, which enables the MediorNet Modular frame to act as a decentralized audio router with a matrix size larger than 25,0002 and fully redundant interfaces.

SAMASERVE launched their Nipros LS- 750/GT camera-agnostic fiber adapter system that can supply 60 Watts of power up to 1.2 miles over standard SMPTE fiber.

Greg Campbell (R) with 3CI Systems Integrations checks out the Bittree flushmount feedthrough shielded CAT-6 patching system while Bittree’s Bryan Carpenter attaches a cable.

STUDIO TECHNOLOGIES debuted their Model 412 fiber transport system, a portable or rack-mounted solution for transporting multiple serial digital video, MADI digital audio, as well as gigabit Ethernet signals over single-mode optical fiber. Also there, the Live-Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System, utilizing one single-mode fiber for quick field deployment.

THINKLOGICAL showed their SDIXtreme 6G+ dual fiber 4K extension module which allows 4K signals to be sent up to 50 miles.


BHV BROADCAST LTD. demonstrated the VideoGhost power-over- coax system that now offers enhanced cable length performance with 12 Volts at 65 Watts up to 150 meters. It can be optionally equipped for HDMI monitoring of SD/HD/3G video feeds. Also showing was the GhostRack, a rackmoun version of Video Ghost.

BITTREE brought along their new 3 Gbps 3 x 24 (or 32) WECO video monitoring patchbays which feature an additional monitor row along with the traditional two-rows of connectors. Also showing were the company’s Data Feed-Through panels for CAT-6 cable.

JOSEPH ELECTRONICS debuted their Caddie FP System Series which is comprised of 13 different stageboxes with each contained in a portable, flypack-friendly package. Also shown was the new Caddie Tote series of quick “grab-and-go” fiber transport packages.