‘My Name Is Earl’ chooses Neumann TLM 49

Emmy Award-winning series "My Name Is Earl" has begun its second season with a significant upgrade in a critical role. Jason Lee, who plays the title character, is using a new Neumann TLM 49 large diaphragm microphone to record the all-important narrative voiceover. The TLM 49 was selected after an audition process for the microphone that would best suit Lee’s distinctive voice.

The microphone is not only suited to Lee's voice, but it has also proved beneficial during post production, according to supervising sound editor Dave Rawlinson. He notes that the natural sound of the TLM 49 requires very little EQ, saving time in the mix suite.

Because actor Jason Lee appears in virtually every scene of the show, the narration itself is typically recorded at the stage in Van Nuys, CA, where the show is filmed. A makeshift booth has been fashioned from an old concrete storage vault, allowing Lee and a producer to jump in and record first-pass narration tracks on site. Post production is done at R/H Factor, which handles audio for the show and is co-owned by Rawlinson with Craig Hunter.

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