MultiDyne System Brings Big Benefits

The MultiDyne video transport system mounted on one of Panavision New York’s cameras
When it comes to shooting television, nothing is more frustrating than a faulty signal run. For example, the talent has just completed a take that the director likes, and he or she breathes a sigh of a relief knowing that the scene can finally be put to bed. Then someone discovers that the recorder the cameras are feeding didn't pick it up, so it's back to the drawing board.

At the Manhattan office of Panavision New York, we know this kind of scenario can make or break a relationship with a client, which is why we turned to MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems and had them configure a custom two-channel high-definition SDI dual fiber-optic link just for our own specific application.

Our office handles such things as cameras, lighting, trucks, generators, cranes and remote head rentals, service and repairs for several television, feature film and commercial clients. We needed a signal transport mechanism for our electronics and digital cinematography racks where a lot of the recorders and other support equipment is used during the shooting of TV shows and movies.


We wanted something that could handle the routing of the video signal to the recorder on set for all of the cameras in use. Given that we deal with a lot of tight-turnaround projects, it was also important that the signal quality had to be excellent. Too much jitter could create problems and lead to potentially catastrophic shooting delays. Now that we are using the custom product that we designed in conjunction with MultiDyne this is rarely an issue.

What initially caught our eye about MultiDyne products was their cost-benefit ratio. Our customized MultiDyne delivery system consists of two 3 Gbps HD/SDI SMPTE fiber-optic links that we were able to purchase for what a single 1.5 Gbps link from some other vendors would cost, and our clients are able to realize even greater cost savings when this equipment package is employed out in the field.


With its high signal quality, we can cover longer distances with less breakup, and we don't have to worry about any signal degradation issues. Also, our clients can use the system to transport digital video signals via a single fiber cable, rather than two conventional coax lines.

In working closely with MultiDyne, our company was able to develop a product that precisely met our needs and also fit unobtrusively within our existing equipment configuration. We often have a considerable number of external accessories attached to a camera, which makes the compact size of the MultiDyne product that much more of a necessity. The expandability of the MultiDyne fiber-optic link system is another key feature, as it helps to facilitate most every client-specific configuration. We also appreciate the fact that the gear is simple to use and to troubleshoot.

The demands of television production are extreme and any equipment problems can cause expensive delays. It's nice to know that with MultiDyne, one element of production—signalling between cameras and other equipment—is rarely a problem.

Christopher Konash has been with Panavision New York since 2006. He serves as its manager of HD technical marketing and HD service and may be contacted

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