MultiDyne introduces SilverBACK-II camera-mounted solution

MultiDyne, a leading provider of fiber optic video and audio transport solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications, today announced that it will introduce the SilverBACK-II, a new cost-effective, camera-mounted fiber transport solution, at the 2012 NAB Show.

The feature-rich, battery-powered system has been completely re-designed, combining an elegant, compact case — just over one inch thick — with a simple and intuitive user interface. The system transports all camera signals including SDI video, audio, control data, GPIOs, and tally for sports, ENG, D-SNG, and multicamera studio applications.

The SilverBACK-II can transport SDI video up to 3G HD-SDI uncompressed with embedded or separate program audio. The unit's return video option also supports up to 3G HD-SDI video for viewfinder or monitor viewing, providing a high-quality viewing experience for users in the field. It allows users to achieve camera control/RCP paint functions through one of the three available data channels, and an additional back channel is available for camera sync or genlock. Several options are available for optical connectivity including STs, Neutrik® opticalCon, Fibreco Mini 2 expanded beam, and Lemo 304M.

The SilverBACK-II supports up to four channels of AES or analog program audio as well as a full-featured, single-channel intercom with talk and listen gain adjustments. Additionally, an adjustable PGM inject allows the camera operator to hear program audio mixed with intercom. To enable audio, a mic input with pre-amp is included for talent or camera-mounted audio needs, along with a talent IFB. The receiver features a standard 4-wire intercom output configuration with an optional 2-wire conversion. PGM audio is available for the talent or stage manager via a convenient headphone jack.

To view a demonstration of the SilverBACK-II, visit MultiDyne at the 2012 NAB Show, booth C10421. More information about the company's products is available at